Jewelry Rental Software with real-time booking calendar, online payments, and jewelry management

Online Jewelry Rental Software For Rental Stores

Our Jewelry Rental Software for the news fashion trends of watch and jewelry rental. Manage and track jewelry inventory, accept online or instore payments, bookkeeping solutions, quotes, invoices, and more.

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Inventory Management System with real-time tracking and control

A Jewelry Inventory Management Solution to Simply Bookings

• Jewelry booking with real-time calendar availability
• Jewelry tracking and management with inventory calendar
• Create custom packages and bundles
• Color-coded calendar view to easily manage bookings with quick actions
• Priority jewelry booking management with booking statuses
• Booking reports with checkin and checkout
• Accept deposits, charge fees, or extra charges
• Order reports with revenue insights for each jewelry item
• POS Support
• Google calendar integration to stay in touch with bookings 

A Remarkable Marketing &
Promotion Tool for Jewelry Rentals

• Points & Rewards
• Coupons & discounts
• Gift cards
• Wishlist Support
• Affiliate Marketing with detailed reporting & tracking dashboard
• SMS marketing with bulk campaigning
• SEO support, analytics, and enhanced e-commerce tracking
• Newsletter and blog
• Free jewelry booking website with personalization

Online Payments, Quoting and Invoicing Features

Take Payments & Quotes Online in a Matter of Time for Custom Jewelries

• Instant request and send quotes to customers
• POS software support
• Diverse 50+ payment gateways support
• Accept and log payments in cash, or for phone orders
• Generate payment reports
• Bookkeeping solutions with QuickBooks & Xero Integrations
• Advance booking reporting with calendar view & reservation reports
• Custom Invoices and emails
• Pricing management for hours, daily, weekly, or monthly rentals

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