The Best Vendors To Buy Party Rental Equipment

Quality party rental equipment contributes to the success of a party rental business more than anything else. Even if you know how to attract customers to the party rental company – quality party rental equipment remains a valuable component to achieve significant profits and high-value returns in the long term. It is why proper research and due diligence beforehand can prove to be a boon for your rental business. Of course, you can ensure your party rental equipment later but choosing a reliable vendor to purchase quality party rental equipment at the initial stages is inevitable. It pays off in the long term:

Reason #1

Cheap equipment does not always equate to savings. The funds you saved from purchasing affordable equipment will go for the repairs or replacement of the same equipment, not to mention the cost of reputation. Let’s say, 200-pound Joe sat on your cheap chair and fractured his wrist, and you will be paying for the replacement chair and the compensation for angry Joe.

Reason # 2

Cheap equipment produces low satisfaction. Did you know that a party rental business requires one of the lowest startup costs? Any person with $5,000 can start a small party rental business in the United States; however, that amount will be enough to buy equipment to cover household parties.

Never try to stretch your budget for the bigger parties. The main thing here is not the quantity but the quality. So we repeat: do not try to cover the big parties with lots of cheap and unsafe equipment and supplies as you will be risking your reputation.

Reason # 3

Cheap equipment produces more injuries. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chair-related incidents are the primary cause of disabling injuries in office settings. So, we do not want unstable chairs to cause accidents in your business.

The safety of inflatables is another important thing we need to consider during the buying process. A scientific study found that inflatable equipment such as inflatable bouncers, inflatable slides, inflatable houses and castles, and other inflatable play structures are causing moderate-to-severe injuries to children at the rate of 5.3 per 100,000. That rate may seem like a low number, but a single injury is enough to put your business under heavy stress if a parent seeks a lawsuit.

Did you know that only 28% of parents supervise their children while they jump on the inflatables?

That means we, as a party rental business, have to ensure the safety of children even while parents are not supervising. Thus, we need to acquire only safe and stable inflatables to save ourselves from reputation damage and unexpected costs.

Additionally, we must get good business insurance to cover the costly injuries and lawsuits (we have previously shared some suggestions on how to get insurance for your party rental business, you may read it here). 

If we understand the value of buying safe and quality party equipment, we need to know where to procure those items.

To make the process easier, we hand-selected several vendors. We are not affiliated with any of them, and thus, we present only honest and factual information based on our understanding.

1. Amazon

No single vendor offers everything you need, so you need to head out to Amazon. You may think that Amazon is for individual consumers, not for the businesses that want to procure equipment and supplies in bulk at discount prices. We understand your position.


We do not instruct you to purchase directly from Amazon, but we recommend looking at various types of party equipment and supplies listed there and determining who listed them there. For example, if one of the creative decorative lights grabs your attention on Amazon, you can check which company sells it there. Once you know the vendor, you can contact them directly from their website and ask for a good discount for the package deal. Concisely speaking, we will look at Amazon as a Fair where a lot of vendors and manufacturers come together to showcase their items.

The process is easy. Go to Amazon and type in anything you would like to find. For example, If I am currently in the market for reusable decorations. I would organize any of these keywords (be creative!): “reusable decorations,” “Recyclable party decorations,” or “Multi-Use party decorations.” The search keywords will come up with hundreds, if not thousands, of products, and you should select the ones that suit your purpose.

Cons: Although Amazon is a great place to start your searches, you may need to contact each vendor separately there. Thus, it takes time and energy. 

2. Alibaba

I am pretty sure you have already heard about Alibaba. If you haven’t, you are missing the most significant part of the B2B (Business-to-Business) market since Alibaba is the largest platform where millions of manufacturers come together to showcase their products and offer you the lowest possible pricing. We recommend Alibaba because it removes the middle man from the transactions and allows you to be in touch with manufacturers directly. More importantly, they have the largest selection of party equipment and supplies.

You may already purchase your party equipment from nearby wholesale stores at a reasonable price. However, those places may also buy their products from Alibaba to resell to you with some profit unless they manufacture those products themselves.


Additionally, you are getting your hands on the newest party equipment by purchasing from Alibaba. As we put it, you will get the cake hot from the oven.

We highly recommend that party rental businesses update their equipment and supplies inventory because parties are all about creativity. If you have used the same decorative items or the same inflatables repeatedly, there is no room for creativity. People in your community may be tired of the same things, and children may want to play in new forms of inflatable play structures.

The main misconception about Alibaba is that the company offers only Chinese Products. Although Alibaba is a Chinese company, it also includes vendors and manufacturers from all around the world. Once you are on their website, you can customize your searches based on your preferred location.

Cons: Buying from Alibaba may seem difficult for new users as the negotiation and payment process takes time. It is not like paying for the product and waiting for the items to come in the mail. On Alibaba, you have to discuss the payment and shipping options before closing the deal.

3. Chinee Inflatables Inc.

Inflatables are the primary equipment in parties as it allows parents to socialize with their close friends while their kids are having a great time. Therefore, inflatable slides, bouncers, and any other play structures are must-have items in the inventory of a party rental business. If you are already in the industry, you may be working with specific vendors. But it is always better to check out new sources.

Chinee Inflatables Inc

If you are looking to buy affordable and at the same time safe and quality inflatables, you may check out Chinese Inflatables Inc.; you may download their catalogs here.

Cons: The primary downside of this vendor is that the shipping takes time and costs you some money. Plus, you do not have a chance to see the products in real-time and feel its materials if you are located outside China.

4. Airquee Inflatables and Softplay Products

If you are operating your party rental business in Europe, you may already have heard about Airquee or its sub-brands. Airquee is Europea’s largest inflatable and soft play product manufacturer with several certifications for safety and quality, and it is a member of several high-profile organizations. That means their products will last longer and pose fewer risks to the users.

Airquee Party and Infltables Store

Apart from soft play products, the company also provides technical equipment such as tents, furnishings, and tools to host events and parties.

Interestingly, they are also open to creativity. For instance, if you are trying to create promotional inflatables or design your own inflatable products (through design agencies), they can work with you as long as the designs match their safety standards. You may look at their products here.

5. Tent and Tables Store

The company offers more than just tents and tables. It has been in the business for 25 years, and it is still going strong by providing commercial-grade, quality, and creative tables, tents, bouncers for party rental businesses. We especially like their portable dance floors that come in different sizes and styles. More importantly, those floors are convenient for party rental business as they can be easily dismantled and assembled without any glue or adhesives.

Tents and Table Store

We have selected the Tent and Tables store as it specializes in the events industry. Their chairs, table, tents, and even decorative furnishings are foldable, and that means storing and transporting them is more efficient than transporting traditional chairs and tables.

Another thing we like about this vendor is that it does not only provide equipment and supplies but also carries tools and instruments to install and repair the tents, sliders, inflatables, and others. The company can be a one-stop-shop for party rental businesses.

Cons: Compared to Alibaba and Amazon, they have a limited selection. So, you won’t find everything you are looking for in this online store.

6. Party America Store

Party America Store is a reliable vendor to shop all things party. They are perhaps the most trusted and established name in the party rental equipment market. You can purchase party lights, numbers, decorations for custom jewelry. They have a truly versatile range of party items. You can purchase items for holidays and Halloween too. The best part is you don’t have to worry about the massive cost of shopping and customer, which is undoubtedly a daunting task when purchasing from a vendor from a country like China. Check out their store.

Party America Store

7. Local Party Equipment Suppliers

This section does not suggest any specific vendor since the word “local” can refer to various suppliers depending on your location. The good thing about buying from local suppliers is that you can check the equipment in real-time, not wait for the shipping.

Now the question is how to find your local supplier. Google makes it easy, and you need to search keywords such as “Wholesale Party Equipment in (name of your location),”; “Wholesale party supplies in (city name),” etc.

Local Party Equipment Suppliers

Search results will come up with the list of vendors; However, you have to select the positive reviews online.

Cons: Although it is convenient and fast to buy from local party equipment suppliers, they may not offer you competitive pricing as you would get from direct manufacturers.

Consider environmentally friendly party rental equipment during procurement.

When we say safe and quality party equipment, we also mean the safety equipment for the environment. Make sure the equipment is safe and needs less maintenance. But, you should always know how to maintain your rental equipment. Nowadays, humanity is concerned about global warming and environmental degradation. Since some of the parties are organized outside, party rental businesses should also contribute to that effort. In the Fastlane Forum, we came across some users recommending new startups procuring environmentally-friendly equipment and supplies as those items will give them a competitive edge in the market.

We also support that position since marketing your party rental business as an environmentally friendly entity might win more customers. And more importantly, you will operate under the framework of sustainable development, which means your reputation will increase as long as you take an ethical position.

Unfortunately, most decorative party items such as balloons, streamers, toys, and disposable tableware (cups, plates, straws, etc.) are made with plastic materials. If they are not picked up, they will be in the wild.

Did you know that plastic production has increased by 246 % percent since the 1950s? More specifically, the world produces about 380 million tons of plastic, which end up in the natural environment and world oceans as pollutants.

If you offer reusable decorative items and furnishing, silverware, and dishes, you can mention them in your marketing campaign to attract more customers. A party rental system can help you achieve this confidently in less time., And gain popularity among the people who support green initiatives.

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