10 Best Ways to Attract Customers to Party Rental Business

Party Rental Businesses are getting popular as they help to make the occasions more fun and engaging.

Party Rentals occupy a huge market in the leisure and event industry.

For example, the party rental market is estimated to be around $5 billion in the United States alone.

Party Rental $5 Billion Industry

This means each party rental business has an opportunity to get a chunk out of that huge market share in the years come. Even if you are a startup business, there is a great chance to break into the market with innovative ideas. But, it is vital to be consistent and not commit the silly mistakes party rental owner always make.

Now, without further ado, let’s learn the 10 best ways to attract new customers to your party rental business.

1. Find your niche and know your target audience

Marketing your product in the wrong places for the wrong people may not bring new customers to the door. 

Thus, reevaluate your focus points and try to recognize your target audience.

For example, a business that primarily offers soft play rentals will need to build a bridge with the community of parents and children. A quick way to figure out your niche is by looking for similar pages as your business on Facebook.

Quick Search for Queries like “Business Keyword” Rentals or “Business Keyword” Party Rentals

Find niche with the help of facebook with screenshot

Once you decide your niche and know our audience, the rest of the steps will come along smoothly.

2. Offer Safe Equipment and Resources

No matter what type of equipment you are renting out, you should make safety your top priority. You may wonder how can safety have anything to do with attracting new customers. 

Safety always matters. If the products you are renting out are safe and do not pose any risks for the installers and users, the demand will increase greatly. 

On the other hand, unsafe party equipment may leave dirty scars on the company’s reputation and literally on someone’s body. So, avoid costly lawsuits to present yourself as a reputable and responsible company and not to dent the company’s identity. It is hence why it is important to prepare a list of rental instructions and hand it over to customers beforehand.

Do not just take our word for it. When you pay attention, you will notice that customers usually select the responsible, reputable, and more importantly the safe companies over others.

3. Fortify Your Online Presence 

This includes setting up your official website, posting relevant videos, images, as well as information about your services. 

Did you know that the world is currently transitioning towards sharing economy? 

The most supporters of that economy are young millennials, 93% of whom have access to the internet. 

93% of the people have access to the internet

Do those statistics tell you something?

I think it should because in order to increase your customer base you should be active and available online to connect with people who prefer sharing economy. 

4. Elevate Engagement on Social Media

Increasing online presence does not mean just creating a website, posting a couple of pictures or videos here and there, and expecting customers to flow in. Unfortunately, the party rental business does not work that way. 

Apart from your professional websites, vibrant pictures and videos, and informative information about your services, you should be also active on social media. 

Currently, 4.48 billion people around the world use some form of social media.

That number equates to 57% of the world’s population. 

You may use social media to:

– Set up your company page to gain loyal fans and influence the social media users
– Post fun, helpful, and engaging content to grasp the attention of potential customers
– Network with people and answer questions from people who are interested in your services
– To join groups who share the same interest or have party rental business. Reading the experiences of others may give a great insight into the industry

5. Be Helpful with Your Resources

It is human psychology that we tend to do business with the companies or individuals that left positive impressions on us. However, creating a positive impression is not that easy. It requires great effort and commitment from the business side.

Here are three things you can do to create an impression on your potential customers.

–      Create helpful content such as how-to videos, informative articles, step-by-step guides, etc.… You may feel like you are giving away your time for free. But you have to understand that the free help you gave others may return to you as a profit. People may do business with you as an appreciation for your help.

–      Organize a free event. The best way to market your product is to have people use them for free. This method is especially suitable for the party rental business. After finding high traffic location, install your rental products or soft play so visitors and their children can enjoy your items. If the community is impressed with your product, they will be more likely to rent them from you or at least they will refer their friends and acquaintances to your business.

– Be kind. Kindness speaks for itself.

The power of a smile, compassion, and a good attitude makes others feel good. In turn, good feelings equal good impressions. 

6. Prioritise Customer Service

Customer service represents the face of the company. Do not forget. No one wants to come to the place where they were treated as worthless or where their dignity is degraded. Every individual wants to have top-of-notch treatment and likes to feel that they are being respected and cared for.

With that mindset, you should provide thorough customer service and address individual needs above and beyond. 

Somethings you can do to offer the best customer service in your party rental business:

– Offer free training to potential customers on how to use or install your party products. 

– Give discounts or loyalty points to repeat customers so they may feel special. That marketing strategy will make some of the new customers come back again to receive their discounts and points.

With an online party rental software like reservety, you can easily create new discount coupons.

And, reward customers for their loyalty reward points.

Reservety - Points and Rewards Feature for Party rental software

– Answer calls and emails in a timely manner and follow up with the customers if needed. Good communication is important in all aspects of the business. You do not need a lesson on it.

– Get feedback from customers to improve your customer service even better

7. Simplify Your Rental Process

Time-consuming and difficult rental processes are the last thing people want in this busy modern age. So, you should offer an all-in-one-place solution for your customer. In other words, once you set up your website, make it easily navigable and include several key features such as on-site communication, price estimation tool, online reservation and booking feature, and feedback and reporting system.

For example, let’s say your customer wants to rent soft play equipment for his daughter’s birthday party and they visited your website to explore their options. So, your website should be ready and include attractive images and videos as well as information about the products you rent out.

If the potential customer likes everything he sees, he may be wanting to contact you without leaving the website. Their option is either to call you or send you a message through the website messaging system. 

However, in some cases, customers may want to estimate the pricing before contacting you. Thus, it is important to have an estimation tool handy on your website. 

8. Simplify Booking Process

Some customers want quick action and book online without even calling the company. Did you know that an online booking system increase sales by about 37%?

Online booking system increases sales by 37% stats

Considering the granularity requirements, we built the Reservety system. We offer software for inflatable rental businesses across the world to increase their sales. 

Unlike most other online reservation and booking solutions, Reservety is an all-in-one solution. 

Let me explain why it is different:

Reservety does not just provide simple reservation and booking software, but also it also gives a professional cloud-hosted website for free where you integrate all the cool stuff that Reservety offers.

With stunning rental features of Reservety, party rental businesses can:

– Connect their existing domain names

– Accept payment from Paypal, Stripe, Square, and more. 

– Send quotes and invoices instantly

– Manage their inventories (e.g. tracking stocks and equipment in real-time, viewing reports on the check-in and check-out times, securing specific items for a specific duration of time, marking sent or returned items).

Inventory and Reservation Management with Reservety

– Communication: sending emails to potential buyers onsite, and notifying customers on due payments, viewing customers’ history, and sending out surveys and feedback to customers.

– Marketing:

Creating coupons, promotions, discounts; Affiliate marketing with precise reporting tools, social media integration,


SEO and Pop up Marketing Features of Reservety for Party Rental Businesses

Website popups with special offers

, and allow customers to create a wishlist.

Wishlist Feature to Get more Orders with Reservety

Reservety features are not only limited to the above list. To get the full list of features, sign up for 14-day free trial.

9. Spread the Words With Marketing

There is a good reason why repeat the word market three times. Because marketing is important as the party rental business is very competitive. 

Marketing is a way of shouting at others to draw their attention to your services. If you have good products to rent for people who are organizing events and parties, let them know about it through effective marketing.

You can market your party rental business either by:

Free marketing efforts such as being active on social media, writing articles about your services, networking with influencers, posting informative videos on YouTube, offering loyalty points, and finding other creative methods. The sky is the limit. 

Paid advertisements include Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook ads, affiliate programs, hiring freelancers to write articles about your services and have them post on relevant websites, or just outsourcing the marketing part to marketing firms.

Quick note: No matter what type of marketing strategy you use, try to be genuine and organic. Do not try to artificially sweeten your services more than they are. If the marketing seems distasteful, the problem is not marketing, you need to focus on the quality of your business.

Since marketing is an essential part of attracting new customers to your party rental business, we integrated all-in-one marketing tools in our booking and reservation software. 

10. Be Consistent

These two simple words are true deciders of your company’s future. In the party rental business, success does not come overnight. Success requires consistency, effort, and an innovative mindset. 

Additionally, tracking the progress and improving the weaknesses on the go are the primary qualities that help us to stay on track. 

We understand that the human mind is always preoccupied with various thoughts. When it comes down to organizing our thoughts and directing our attention to our business, we find it very exhausting. In other words, it is very hard to manage everything that is going on in our business without the help of technology.

Thus, We added convenient tracking tools like –

On-board messaging features, and integration with other companies such as Google Analytics (tracking), Detrack (shipping),

Google Calendar Integration Reservety for Rental Businesses

Reservety Order synced on Google calendar

Google calendar and maps (scheduling and directions), Quickbooks, and Xerox (Accounting) so you will follow the same standards during each sales activity. 


All these 10 ways are not a complete list; however, they include the best 10 ways to attract new customers to your party rental business. 

As discussed above, we need to be incorporate all of the 10 ways into our business model in order to provide a better experience to renters and stay on top of the daily operations. And, you can always try these awesome tips to make your business profitable.

Since we accumulated enough experience and knowledge in the party rental business, we know what qualities, tools, and other resources are needed to succeed. Thus, we combined all of those things plus added some advanced features to Reservety observation and booking software. 

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