Selecting a Party Rental Software and Creating a Website

Now, we are in Part 5

Suppose you have followed along with everything provided in the previous sections

In that case, you should have already learned how to develop a business plan (Part 1), set up a budget (Part 2), register your business as a legal entity (Part 3), and create a business bank account for your party rental business (Part 4).

In Part 5, we will discuss the importance of selecting a party rental software and taking your rental business to the online realm with a professional website.

We have already mentioned that you can increase the number of customers, manage your rental operations more efficiently, and expand your market reach to broader geographic areas with online transformation. Because about 5 billion people (or 62% of the world population) use the internet worldwide.

62% of People Use Internet

If you have the right tools, you can attract millions of people to your business.

However, that does not mean you need to target all of those people, as your party rental business will cover specific areas unless you have thousands of branches across the world.

Reasons Why Rental Software is important for your Party Rental Business

It is a global trend

If you can surf the modern trends, you will not miss your opportunities.

For instance, the Covid-19 pandemic revealed the weaknesses of several businesses.

Over 12,200 stores were closed in the United States in 2020 alone, and over 10,000 are expected to be closed in 2021.

All these closures have something in common: they did not focus on the digital transformation on time.

In other words, they could not offer their services and products online when governments introduced strict lockdowns. The sudden stoppage of foot traffic pushed some of the already struggling companies over the board.

However, the trend started much earlier than the pandemic.

For example, one survey revealed that 59% of customers preferred to shop online because of the convenience.

59 % of Consumers Wants to Shop Online

All this means you need to transform your physical party rental business into a digital one.

However, digitizing your rental operations is not easy, especially if you do not know how to code. Therefore, you need to select reliable and 100% secure Party Rental Software to do all those tasks for you.

Party Rental Software will help you streamline your operations

We put great emphasis on the word “Party” here.

There are hundreds of rental software solutions, but most of them target the general rental industry. However, the rental sector is vast, and it has dozens of categories. In other words, software created for heavy equipment rentals may not be suitable for your Party Rental Business.

We suggest considering the software if they are offering the following features:

1. Customizable websites

The website will be the backbone of your online rental operation as it will help you display your party rental equipment and supplies.

You will post there your rental tents, decorative items, furnishings, inflatables, and other rental items relevant for organizing parties.

Website Bundle Feature Screenshot

However, most rental software solutions come with generic web templates or designs, which may not match your preference or niche.

For example, if you are specialized in inflatables or play structure rentals, you may want to design your website by making it suitable for parents and children with colorful styles.

If you do not have web design experience, you are more likely to get stuck with the software’s boring templates. Or, you may hire a web design company for separate costs.

Long story short, you need to select Party Rental Software that helps to custom-build your website. We suggest Reservety Party Rental Software as their package includes hundreds of cool templates that will match your preference. 

Also, it will host your website with reliable cloud servers so your business will work without interruptions, equip it with all the necessary tools, and provide basic tutorials, so you will kick off online endeavors quite comfortably.

2. Integrations with other services

Everyone can create a website thanks to automated web-design tools. However, creating an empty webpage is not enough. To get the most out of your website, you must make it more functional by adding arms and legs, meaning tools and features.

To explain this more clearly, we will use Reservety’s Party Rental Software as an example throughout the explanation.

Let’s say you are renting (or going to rent) out a complete package of party equipment to celebrate small household parties. Since you are located too far from a high-traffic road, people hardly notice your business. Because of the low foot traffic, your party rental business cannot take off, and revenue is struggling to keep up with operational expenses. 

Does that sound familiar to you? 

In that case, you need to focus on online activities.

Firstly, you need to post pictures or videos of your rental products on your website with brief descriptions. So, whenever people visit your website, they can see what you are offering.

Secondly, you should optimize your website for search engines. That way, people can find your website whenever they search keywords such as “Party Rentals near me,” “Party Rentals in [area],” “Party tent rentals near me,” “Inflatable rentals near me,” and other possible keywords that party organizers might search.

Thirdly, you need to integrate your website with social media platforms so you can showcase your party rental equipment to millions of social media users. 

Did you know that there are 288 million social media users in the United States alone? Globally, that number reaches 4.5 billion

Social media integration will not only help your party rental business to increase its sales but it will also help you to create a network of customers who will actively follow you. In turn, that increases the likelihood of them coming back for more business.

3. Functional Tools

When selecting party rental software, practical tools and features are other things you need to consider. We mean tools to do inventory management, sales paperwork, and accounting.

Let’s explain this with a series of possible scenarios. Let’s say you moved to a big warehouse, and you received loads of new party equipment and supplies to start your party rental business. 

Just grabbing a paper and pencil and listing all the products will take too much time. And your paper notes are prone to damages and errors. Basically, it won’t be very reasonable to manage all of your inventory manually when you can do all those tasks efficiently in a fraction of a time.

To simplify the inventory management processes, you need to get rental software with advanced inventory management features. 

For example, Reservety provides a built-in inventory management tool that helps with the following tasks:

–       Labeling. You will be assigning barcodes or serial numbers to each item in your inventory, so you will be able to view it from your computer every time someone rents it or returns it. The best part is that software records every transaction for an extended period so you can view the performance of each rental item through precise reports.

–       Tracking. Since every product in your inventory is labeled with a barcode, the software will allow you to track the items’ movement. Also, Reservety’s Party Rental Software will enable you to track the delivery trucks in real-time through a satellite system as it is integrated with Detrack solutions.

–       Maintenance. Keeping your rental equipment clean and in a maintained condition will earn you good customer feedback. Plus, regular maintenance will extend the life of your rental equipment. If you do not have a proper tool, you will be confused about which items are due for maintenance. Therefore, Reservety’s software allows you to make notes and schedules for each piece of rental equipment individually.

4. Payment Processing

One of the essential features you need to have in your online party rental business is online payment processing. If your site cannot accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and, you will lose some of the customers. People prefer to complete the orders online rather than in-person or over the phone.

Multiple Payment Methods for Customers

Reservety Party Rental Software will add booking options to your website. For example, If Joe wants to celebrate his daughter’s 5th birthday party outdoors, he can book the rental equipment right from your website using a 100% safe and reliable payment solution.

5. Marketing Tools

Marketing tools are another critical thing in Party Rental Business. Unfortunately, most Rental Software solutions do not factor them into their package. Concisely speaking, marketing tools will help to extend your market reach and bring more customers to your business.

Good marketing tools should help you:

  • To increase the visibility of your business. For example, it does not matter how well you designed your website, and if nobody knows about your business, it will stay buried under the dust of your competitors. For example, Reservety’s Party Rental Software helps you integrate your business with over 200 tools to grow your party rental business in all of the directions.
  • To integrate your business with Google Maps and AdWords. The software links your business with Google Maps and AdWords. When you add your business to Google Maps, customers will easily find your party rental business in their area. For example, when someone searches keywords such as “party rental business” or “Party rentals,” the search results usually show nearby rental businesses in Google Maps. Google AdWords integration is also an effective strategy because Google’s algorithms will place your ads only in the relevant places. For example, if someone searches “Party Rentals in Dallas,” Google AdWords will conveniently place your ads in the top position of the search results.
  • Create promotions, coupons, and discounts. Believe it or not, people love promotions, especially when they feel like they are getting great deals. For example, you can use Reservety’s Party Rental software to create engaging newsletters, coupons, discounts, and promotional banners that fit your niche and audience. Then, the software allows you to forward those promotional items to thousands of customers at once with a single click.
Coupons and Discounts

6. All-in-One Solution

When you select rental software, you should consider the one that offers an all-in-one solution because you do not want to do each task individually using different software solutions. 

There are dozens of rental software solutions in the market, but most do not offer all-in-one solutions. So, it would be best to find the one that offers features such as inventory management, accounting, marketing, communication, and tracking in a single package. It will not be good if the software focuses only on one of those areas.

Reservety is already aware of those limitations and challenges. So, the team of WordPress specialists developed a fully customizable all-in-one software solution for Party Rental Businesses.

7. Customer Support

Customer service is another important thing you need to consider when selecting party rental software. No matter how good the software is, you will struggle to use it If the company does not assist with the learning process.

For example, let’s say you just deployed rental software on your computer. Now, you are trying to process the first batch of orders. Joe ordered two tents, one inflatable play structure, eight tables with four chairs each, and several decorative items and furnishings. But, you struggle with processing that order manually.

In that case, the first thing you would do is call the software company and seek assistance. If the company can’t assist on time, Joe might get angry as he would stay in your office for hours until you resolve the issue. 

That experience may decrease your chances of having Joe as a return customer. Thus, Reservety is all about customer care. Since their software is developed by specialists who have excellent knowledge of the rental industry, they understand your concerns more clearly. 

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