Best Event Rental Software

Best Event Rental Software

Life can be boring and monotonous without events. No matter the events are small or big, they can give us a little break to celebrate our moments, happiness, or milestones. And, there is hardly anyone who’d say, they don’t enjoy parties, birthdays, or weddings. We all do. And, we want them to be as cheerful, magical, and full of drama as possible.

On the other side, if you are an event organizer or an event rental business, life is always a bumpy ride. Getting new clients, sending them quotes, replying to their emails, and asking for payments is not as vibrant as the events – your clients hired for.

But, there is a simple catch to this precarious situation, forget manual work and employ an event rental software. Hopefully, you’ve already realized the importance of event management software.

Here are the Top 4 Event Rental Software to Pick From:

1. Reservety - Event Rental Software

Reservety is an event rental management software to scale your event rental operation. You can definitely trust the value it brings to the table with advanced booking and reporting features. The event rental software drives clear communication, manages and controls inventory, coordinates with your crew, and directs shipping and delivery, thus, turning your business into a gold mine. Dive into some of those features!

Event Rental Software For Small Businesses

Pro Features of Reservety:

  • Rental Store – Either you have a website for the rental company or not, you got to have a rental store to list your rental items where your customers can land, review, and book items. However, this is not always the case, as a new rental business, you must be seeking to build a rental store that costs thousands of dollars to code, design, and developed. Plus, there is an additional cost for hosting, maintenance, and development for add-on features associated with it. This fact can do any rental business to put their entrepreneurial hat down. However, Reservety has come forward to address the issue by offering a free rental store when you opt for a paid subscription plan.
  • Scheduling and Monitoring Orders – Reservety has a mobile-friendly design that enables rental owners and even customers to monitor and book rental items. The rental owners can choose to schedule inventory, and follow existing orders while the customer can check the real-time availability of products, ask for quotes, negotiate deals, and book items. Reservety manages it all with ease, thus optimizing each of the rental stages.
  • POS Rentals – Whether your customers pay online or they make their way to the rental store to opt for in-store orders. Reservety makes sure to take note of each of the payments. Hence, all of your debts and finance keep organized and tracked.
  • Inventory Rental and Management – Reservety flawlessly takes care of each of the rental equipment by tracking status, inspection for damage and repair, and scheduling them for maintenance. Plus, the software can offer to rent products in packages or batches when your customer asks for a single product. They only pay for the product they want to produce, but still, get the whole bunch. Moreover, the rental company can price the products with different pricing on multiple events.
  • Multiple Integrations – Integrate Reservety with a popular choice of software and turn it into a powerful tool to drive growth for your business. Add Xero and Quickbooks as a way to manage your finances well. Google calendar integration makes it possible to keep an eye on the order on a precise date. And Detrick Integration allows you to track and route truck routes to better optimize and reduce cost in the delivery process.
  • Payment Supports – Reservety supports multiple payments, both online and in-store. There are almost 30+ payment providers that can be added to checkout, including customs charges, which you can include for insurance, taxes, inventory maintenance, and other expenses. You can leverage Reservety’s exclusive features to make the most out of your business. Customers have the freedom to make payments upfront or in partial payments.
  • There are tons of other features which you can explore by taking a 14-day free trial. Hence, you can better try and test and believe by yourself.

What limitations Reservety have as an event rental software?

Reservety has no missing features or shortcomings. In fact, you can ask for a custom feature and we will have it.


Reservety has 3 plans. Seed $28/MonthGrowth $78/ Month, & Mobiliz $188/month.

The “Seed” plan comes with essential rental features perfect for starting ventures. Plus, you get a rental website with hosting included and dedicated 24/7 chat support.

The other plans are best for growing businesses. These plans include additional features such as Quickbooks, Xero, enhanced e-commerce tracking and reporting, additional storage, personalized app, and more. You can check complete plans and features on the pricing page.

2. Rentman

Going beyond the conventional renting process, Rentman introduced next-generation technology to hack the growth of the rental industry.

The software-based on cloud technology is precisely developed for the event and
Audio/video equipment rental industry.

Whether you rent
tents, generators, a/v equipment, or anything else, Rentman makes sure that your business delivers superior performance within the deadline. Therefore, the customers will always be so much delighted that they want to come back. Let’s take a look at these features!

Rentman - All in one event rental management system

What good features have Rentaman for the event industry?

  • Team Collaboration – Better coordinate with your crew members to bring more control and increase efficiency to every piece of work done. With extensive features like job scheduling, instructions, task deadlines, and secure communication, Rentman saves time to spend on directing crew by emails and calls.
  • Crew Communication– Add flexibility for your crew by allowing them to choose and manage their schedule by assigning them job instructions, and clear directions with this phenomenal rental software. It offers other essential features to crew members like quick routes, lost item registration, and planned equipment, which allows them to save time by planning each phase of the work.
  • Inventory Management – The rental software allows you to plan everything from scratch to optimize every bit of your inventory management process. From checking your stock levels, tracking equipment, and inspecting for damage, Rentman does it all.
  • Customer Relationship management– Acquiring and retaining customers can be challenging when you are immensely focused on managing the rental process. At times, when the voice of the customers is not heard, they are most likely to cancel bookings and turn to your competitors. However, Rentman improves its relationship with customers by better addressing their complaints and feedback. This rental software proffers features like contact management, invoice, files, discounts, feedback management, and other tasks.
  • Quoting and Invoicing – Speed up your quoting process with Rentman doing all the intricate calculations for you. The rental software utterly transforms the documentation process by generating fast and accurate financial documents every time the customer asks for the rentals. Other exceptional features include warehouse management, project management, and many more.

Cons of Rentman:

  • The software is exceptional in supporting your rental process. Although, you ought to have a rental store ready to let it execute everything for you. The setback for the rental businesses is that it doesn’t have such rental websites, which eventually led to spending more money on the development and maintenance of this store.
  • The software doesn’t support multiple languages
  • In case you need to keep track of orders with Google calendar. It doesn’t support integration with it to easily keep an eye on recent orders.
  • In case you want to charge customers for different pricing on different events. The software doesn’t let you accomplish. It doesn’t support partial payments, which is vital to increase the trust and legitimacy of the rental business.


The event rental software comes with a distinctive pricing option with a minimal plan of $29/month. The plan offers you limited support, storage, and features with the opportunity to upgrade to other high-value plans to get more features.

3. Event office

The event office is yet another event rental software, which is far more exceptional and outstanding for organizing the rental business. This professional software surpasses expectations by addressing the plights of rental owners. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, the software turns your normal doing business into a stellar performer. Let’s dive into some of its features.

EventOffice Event Rental Inventory Management System

What features make Event Office a good event rental software?

  • Customer Management– Leap forward by managing the way you interact with the customers, The event office sends automated emails at different stages of the rental process, thus, keeping them informed about the status of the reservation. Also, they can rate your performance with solutions and reviews. Or they can choose to contact you directly by reaching out to the contact form.
  • Delivery Optimization -This remarkable feature allows rental companies to optimize the routing and delivery process by mapping locations to customize the delivery process. The software automatically assigns the schedule and routing to trucks with the estimated travel time. This gives you a better overview of the expected time to complete the dispatch and manage time more efficiently.
  • Inventory Management– The event rental software can enhance your capabilities to deal with your inventory by pre-loaded features, which make it easy to add and manage inventory. With features like list items as Wet/Dry, you can quickly charge different prices for each of them but can track them as a single order. Other Features include pricing flexibility and item maintenance.
  • Crew Management– Optimizing your crew performance will be much easy by efficiently scheduling and assigning shifts, text reminders for the shift, and delivering training and safety guidelines. Plus, the software allows you to pay commission to your crew based on the inventory rented.
  • Quotes and Booking-With a mobile-friendly rental website, the customers will be able to ask for a quote and book the rental items right from the rental store. The customers can also see the real-time availability of the products, which eventually lessen the risk of double booking. Whenever the customers’ book the product, the software automatically sends the contract to customers, which they can sign quickly using digital signatures.

Other features include multiple software integration, payment acceptance, report generation, and sales management.

Cons of Event office:

  • The most significant limitation is the software doesn’t offer any rental store set-up option. This fact ultimately means you have to spend much more money from your pocket to develop a website that can rent products. Additionally, there would be an additional cost for maintenance and development attached to it.
  • The software does not support multiple languages.
  • There are ways to pay online through multiple payment providers. However, there is no choice for customers to pay through the POS option in the store, which means you have to keep track of each of the payments separately.
  • Sometimes the customers want the product on custom dates; therefore, they don’t want to be charged for the day; they don’t want to use it. But the software doesn’t support features for this kind of situation.


The software offers a free plan, which includes the choice to add up to 10 products with limited features, support, and storage. In case you have large inventory items, you have to opt for paid plans that start from $215/month, which is extremely costly.

4. Intempo

Intempo is the perfect choice for audio/video rental and event rental businesses. Intempo leverage the unique mix of technology and dedicated resource to offer remarkable features. By adopting and deploying, this event rental software is a great way to achieve the brilliance needed by the industry to outrank your competitors. The software incorporates exquisite features to manage each of the parts of your rental business sophisticatedly. Some of the powerful features of the software are:

Intempo Rental Software for parties and events

Why Choose Intempo as event equipment rental software?

  • Accounting-Intempo draws out a complete picture of the rental company by uncovering inside reports on daily and monthly performance. The software has two versions pro and enterprises. The pro version allows you to integrate the software with Quickbooks, but the enterprise version comes with an in-built accounting package. Thus, you can choose the ideal package which suits your business.
  • Rental & Sales-Intempo is utterly impeccable in handling rental, sales, and service transactions. It automatically generates contracts, sends invoices, and offers quotes for rental items. Plus, it unleashes the full potential of the rental process by scheduling reservations and pickups for the crew. Hence, making sure you every second remains productive.
  • Inventory and Equipment Lifecycle Management-An outstanding feature that allows precise control and keeps track of your equipment. Apart from inventory management, the rental owner can make better purchase decisions by utilizing robust reporting capabilities. Also, the software can monitor individual pieces of equipment to stay ahead in preventive maintenance.
  • Dispatch-Intempo optimize routing, driver performance, and the cost incurred in fleet operations. The event rental software track vehicles in real-time and provide clear directions efficiently optimize truck route and time spent in delivery. Moreover, it sends way by route information of delivery to the customers.
  • Custom reporting-This feature allows the rental owners to create a custom report in a variety of formats and utilize it to make crucial decisions that take the business to new heights.

What are the disadvantages of choosing Intempo for managing your rental equipment?

  • The software takes care of most of the rental and sales parts of the rental business. In case you don’t have a rental website, you need to hire a developer to build and manage a rental store, which eventually results in additional expenses.
  • The software does not support multiple languages.
  • There are payment options like credit cards, cash, cheque, or directly through the bank. But no choice for customers for in-store POS rentals.


The pricing is available on request when you ask for a demo.


Indeed an event rental system is vital to enhance the business operation and customer experience. It is up to the event management businesses to prioritize resources. It ultimately translate into more customers and revenue opportunities.

After comparing all the event rental software above, undoubtedly, Reservety comes out the clear winner in this league. Don’t believe what we say?

Try the 7-days free rental today and see your business dashing ahead.

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