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Best AV Rental Software

The endeavor to become the leader in the AV and camera rental business is not a bed of roses. There would, of course, be teething troubles and failures that can hamper your entrepreneurial mindset, no matter how ambitious you are. Coming up with smart ideas, software, and persistent efforts would be the perfect roadmap to success. 

AudioVisual equipment rental software, which could prove to be outstanding and iconic in producing the impact needed to achieve the vision you have for your av rental business. We have selected the best four AV rental software so you do not have to search anymore.

1. Reservety

Tune into Reservety to get more out of your ordinary audio-visual rental business. Reservety offers a complete rental management solution with its full-fledged capabilities to bring autonomy to every segment of your rental market. It allows rental companies to explore untapped resources by going beyond the boundaries of traditional audiovisual rental space and realize the dream of becoming an authority in the rental industry. Some of the features Reservety offers!

Audio Video Equipment Rental Software Page

Pro Features of Reservety:

Inventory Tracking and Management: No Matter if you have lighting equipment, film gears, photography tools, you can manage them right from dashboard. Inventory calendar allows you manage and track inventory. Booking calendar helps you quickly process booking and check them with calendar view. Reservation reports allows you to check customer details quickly. You can take bookings with free online booking website with real-time calendar for customers.

Manual Orders: At times people call you or send emails about their equipment requirements, you can quickly feed reservations with a manual POS feature. Recording payment or charging customers with cards is as easy as creating orders. or Send them quotes in minutes.

Marketing  & Promotion: For marketing, you have plenty to experiment with:

  • Create bundles or packages to sell more to customers or create upsell & cross-sell for in-store marketing
  • Optimize rental store for organic searches from Google, Bing & Yahoo with SEO setup
  • Track customers behavior online with Google Analytics
  • Wishlist support to make customers coming back to buy more
  • Email & SMS marketing to capture leads with subscription and grow your business
  • Create attractive promotions, discounts, gift cards to reward customers, or a pop-up to get’em surprised.

Payments: Accept payments with 50+ payment gateway support. You can view payment or sales for a specific product during a particular period using order reports. Another great feature is recording cash payments or cheques if your customer books with you in person.

Shipping & Delivery: Reservety supports local and multi-location pick-up and delivery. You can set up bookings to be received and delivered in a specific location and charge customers accordingly based on distance using a mileage-based pricing feature. Check complete features.

Cons of Reservety

Reservety has no disadvantages. You can even add a custom feature with our customization service.


Reservety got 2 plans. Startup $19.99/Month & Showstopper $49.99/month.

The startup plan at $19.99/month comes with essential rental features perfect for starting ventures. Plus, you get a rental website with hosting included and dedicated 24/7 chat support.

The other plan at $49.99/month plan is best for growing businesses. This plan includes additional features such as Quickbooks, Xero,  enhanced e-commerce tracking and reporting, additional storage, and more. You can check complete plans and features on the pricing page.

2. Rentman

Rentman carves the perfect ecosystem for your business to flourish with its unusual features to perform to the fullest in every sector of the rental industry. Rentman is wholly dedicated to present AV and Event Rental companies that have the authority to dominate the rental space. It is easy to use and incredibly phenomenal to bring organization and discipline to your overall AV rental business. Diving into its Features!

Rentman - All in one event rental management system

How Rentman help you manage your audiovisual and camera equipment?

Project Management-Scheduling rental equipment is effortless, thus allowing you to hop equipment from one place to another rental location efficiently. It works in coordination with the crew to notify the site of the equipment, so they can efficiently manage their time by clear communication. It automatically generates quotes and invoices as per the required job.

Warehouse Management-Maintaining inventory is not easy when you have large rental items at your disposal. Each of the items is unique, and determining and fining the right piece can be a fierce battle to win. The software allows you to scan and find the item via QR code and wipe out unnecessary time and increases productivity.

Repair and Inspections-Undoubtedly, there is much equipment which goes through the rental process multiple times and risks being dismantled. Since rental items are incredibly costly, it is imperative to heed to their condition to make sure they remain there to serve the rental duties. The system can identify the items which need repairs by taking a closer look at the data of most rented items and can schedule maintenance for the specific details.

Crew Planning and Communication-No doubt, time is equivalent to money, and losing precious time would going to hurt your rental business. To make sure it does not happen, Rentman can schedule tasks and notifies your crew about the rental location and equipment which needs to be delivered. Thus, saving your time to direct them about the job.

Equipment Planning-It is essential to create a balance in inventory. Sometimes your customer books items online, and there are no stocks left for walk-in customers. The software is prepared for such an event and plans the stock level well, so none of your customers walks empty-handed.

Quoting and Invoicing-Luckily, the time has changed and been the technology enthusiast, and you no longer had to stick with the traditional paperwork. Rentman takes the initiative to go eco-friendly by reducing the need for paper but also saving the time of customers by generating digital invoices and quotes that can be signed digitally by your customers.

Cons of Rentman:

  • The software is not multi-lingual, which means there would be apparent bottlenecks while you operate in a language other than your native one. This issue can ultimately lead to low performance.
  • Like every coin has two sides, the software is perfect from the rental prospect but has limited functionality from the sale perspective.
  • In an attempt to search products via QR code, the software gets slow down, which creates performance issues
  • It works online, so you need a fast internet connection to operate. In the event of a slow connection, you
    might experience an operational slowdown


It has three plans which are namely lite, class, and pro, which are priced at $35, $65, and $75 per month. Each plan hands over each set of capabilities and features. Talking of the most basic one, it allows you limited support and customization, and data import.

3. HireHop

HireHop is rental software in the league, which is a modern, intuitive, cutting edge, and versatile software to manage equipment hire business. HireHop offer easy and tailor-made solution that is comprehensive yet productive for rental owners and enables them to leverage the time and deliver unmatched performance. It unfolds growth and drives massive revenue by turning prospective customers into leads. Diving deep into the software, let’s look at the features.

HireHop - Audio Video Renting Software

How is HireHop better in tracking the av rental equipment?

Documentation- Hirehop subsumes a large variety of templates for invoices, contracts, and insurances, which can be customized and personalized to create the professional documents that need to be sent to the customers.

Inventory Management- It allows you to control and monitor the level at the pinpoint level. Whether you need to keep track of jobs, rental items, purchase orders, invoices, and any other element, HireHop stays there with you to boost your performance.

Multilingual- Though the software is in English, the rental operators can preset their language. They can even set to translate or create personalize translation.

Data Management- It allows you to store and link your customer’s valuable data about stocks, jobs, projects, contacts, etc. to various sub-modules. It enables you to import data and create reports that can be used to judge KPIs metrics.

Stock Management- The software adds the interactive ability for rental owners to manage and review stock levels to identify which equipment is on-jobs, on the shelf, missing/damaged, and assessing which material requires maintenance and which items are running late. Rental companies can scan articles on the fly via QR codes and logs them straight into the inventory system.

Labour Management- It consists of a smart resource planner that allocates and manages jobs to a particular employee to enhance productivity and time management. Plus, it handles each of the labor equipment and logs it in the system.

Cons of this Camera Rental Software:

  • The software is fabulous and versatile but cannot control pricing based on day, date, and week. In an event, you need to offer multiple pricing on specific occasions; the software does not provide it
  • There is no support for Xero and Quickbooks integration, which are leaders in bookkeeping activities
  • There is no choice to take orders on the web; in this case, you did not have a well-designed rental store
  • You need to hire a professional and spend thousands of bucks on developing and maintaining such a website.

How much the audio visual software priced?

It has two pricing plans. The first one is huge, which allows the only user to operate with a limited set of features and storage space of 250 MB. The other is priced at $43 per month, which offers you unlimited features, extra user additional possibility, and 5 GB space. To add more users and space, you have to pay an additional $22 per month for each user and an extra 5 GB of space.

4. ERS (Event Rental Systems)

The ERS or Event Rental Systems is designed precisely for the AV equipment rental industry to tackle the multiple challenges the rental companies face while operating. ERS brings a sense of enlightenment to the rental owners by pointing and working on the vulnerable areas where rental companies should focus and improve. From rental equipment management, dispatch, fulfilling bookings, providing payment solutions to customer relationship management, it got exclusive proficiency to overhaul your entire rental business. Some of the extraordinary features the software possesses!

Event Rental System

What makes it a good audiovisual and camera equipment booking system?

  • Rental Management-The software keeps a close eye on each of the rental orders. It allows you to track inventory, process orders, and maintain reports of every one of them through multiple sheets. Intelligent inventory management and scheduling allow no order to get canceled by automatic allocating and managing resources.
  • Reporting-The software combines extraordinary reporting capabilities with intelligent tracking to report every transaction, inventory, taxes, customer valuable data, and order details on the dashboard. This is extremely helpful in doing data-driven business and generates better results for your rental business.
  • Digital Contracts-Generate beautiful invoices and contracts within a matter of seconds, ERS makes it easy to answer quotes, and send your invoices to save valuable time. It automates every process to bring peace of mind and comfort for rental owners.
  • Automated Marketing tools-It automates each of the marketing tasks from reaching out to your customers on social platforms, email marketing, and developing an online presence; everything is combined in a powerful bundle.
  • Automatic Reminders-The software notifies immediately in the event a booking is placed, inventory is dispatched, and equipment is returned to the stock. Being renowned for the inventory items allows you to make essential decisions efficiently.

Cons of ERS:

  • Tracking and locating equipment while in delivery is necessary to ensure they are not lost or damaged, which eventually puts more burdens on the capital. But, ERS lack substantial feature to track and route inventory both for the customers and the rental companies
  • To keep the customers engaged, it is critical for rental owners to strategize an appealing and attention-grabbing marketing strategy to woo the customers
  • Creating promotions and price-based discounts can be helpful to shift gears and increase more sales. But the software is limited to perform the task.
  • The software needs to be dynamic to furnish the exact tax calculation requirement. It works with the default tax rate for rental operators. In case you want to change it, it is not supported.


Plans are relatively high as compare to the other AV equipment rental software in the league. If you are a start-up just heading to make a mark and looking for rental software to add freedom, this is unfortunately not the right software from the pricing point of view. The plans are expensive, which starts from $70/month and goes up to $500/month. Of course, the features add up as you go from the lowest to the highest one.


The Audio Visual rental business is more of like a business of sound, where your customers would likely come to you when they feel it like music, not as noise. Since it all sums up to creating the perfect customer experience through timely rental processing and accepting payments conveniently, indulging an AV equipment rental software could act as a seed that can help your rental business to branch out and grow into a successful rental business.

Still, befuddled about choosing the Right Rental Software? Try Reservety, which encapsulates all the modern rental management capabilities into a single platform. Bonus! You get an online store to operate and present your rental items for free. No more lost customers mean rejoice for rental companies.

Try Reservety free for 7-days with the trial without a credit card and see your business pump-up with exploding revenues.

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