Rental equipment is the heart and soul of organizing the perfect event, and there is no room for error. It is why party rental business owners always have to be on their toes to make the celebration spree. This outcome is only possible when you have a large crew at your disposal. However, technology can simplify how you operate the business. Here are four party rental software that can help you accomplish splendid parties.

1. Intempo Software

 Intempo Party Rental Software

Rental software like that of Intempo can change the outlook toward your business. It can uncover new possibilities, increase productivity, and can help build better relationships with the customers for your party rental business. When it comes to organizing significant scale events like parties, concerts, other events, the execution need to be perfect and on time. And, you have to battle multiple challenges to make the event shine for your customers. Intempo acknowledges all the inevitable teething troubles in the party rental business and offers reliable solutions to achieve the true potential.

Pro Features:

Finance Management

Intempo software allows you to make smart data-driven decisions by providing insight information about your accounts and cash flows. Plus, the rental owners can easily track rental payments with the aid of account receivables promises feature. Thus, it makes sure you don’t miss overdue payments. Additionally, it is easy to integrate with quick-book software.

Fleet Management

Taking care of the delivery process is absolute easy by tracking truck locations, coordinating with drivers, and optimizing routes to make the dispatch process adhere to the deadline.

Inventory Lifecycle management

Backed by extraordinary capabilities to report and monitor equipment, the rental owners can easily create and purchase equipment before the scheduled period. In an event where equipment needs maintenance, it informs you via a maintenance schedule report.

Rental Management

Intempo creates and manages hassle-free booking by taking care of reservation, invoicing, contract management, billing, e-sign, and real-time inventory management.


  • Intempo doesn’t support multiple languages other than English
  • The software is extremely costly for small-size business which means you have to spend too much money on the subscription


The pricing starts from a minimum plan of $200/month

2. Party Rental Studio

Party Rental studio - the all in one party rental software

Party Rental studio is a powerful tailor-made solution for party rental management. The software combines simplicity, convenience, and robust technology under one roof to drive more conversion for your business. Hence, you can rely on this rental software with your heart and soul to transform the face of your rental business.

Pro Features

Route Tracking

Want to keep track of the equipment till the moment they are finally dispatched? Party Rental Studio, with its intuitive technology, can help you choose optimal paths based on the destination.

Rental Website

With a rental website, it is easy to present your rental products with attractive designs and images. Party rental studio can create a website for a rental business to gain more leads for the rental company.


Generating invoices is quick and easy as orders are automatically tracked in the database. The software within a matter of seconds can create and send invoices to customers.

Equipment Management

Keep a close eye on your inventory with a dedicated inventory management solution. It helps to avoid multiple books and schedule the availability of existing equipment.

Electronic Signature

Offer convenience to your customers by cutting time in contract management. Easily take e-signs of your customers with the software, so they don’t have to appear to sign physically.

Event Calendar

You can manage and review all the important events by syncing it with Google calendar.


When your rental company doesn’t have a website, you have to spend additional money to design a website and make a reservation. This process ultimately leads to more money flowing from your pocket.


The basic plan starts from $30/month, which allows you to manage 25 products and take five reservations monthly. It doesn’t include the choice to set up an online catalog, SEO, hosting, and CMS essential features.

 3. Intellievent Lighting

Intellievent Lighting Cloud Based Rental Software

Intellievent Lighting software holds countless possibilities to revamp your party rental business. Intellievent Lighting is a cloud-based rental software that strives to set the highest standard for any rental company by making the operations much more clean and organized.

Pro Features

Labor Management

The software manages and schedules tasks to labor to increase productivity and time management. You get an extensive reporting feature to monitor work performance closely, thus, get more value more every single penny of money spent.

Logistics Solution

With an unmatched logistic tracking and reporting feature, you will be able to see the pinpoint location of the truck. It helps you to direct and manage the dispatch process with significant control.

Inventory Control and Management

This software has numerous features that make it easy to control and track rental assets. The rental companies can review the availability of equipment according to the calendar date and also can see the forecast of the availability of appropriate material on a specific date. This is not it; it is quite helpful in setting up multiple prices for a different period.

Warehouse management

When you have multiple warehouses in different locations, it becomes crucial to closely monitor equipment, so they are not lost in the operations. This software, with a fantastic reporting feature, provides a brief history, current venue, and physical inventory status. Therefore, you can always be assured that equipment is in great shape.

Customer Relationship Management

The customer tends to remain at the epicenter of all your business strategies and plans. You cannot imagine developing and growing without better addressing your customer’s issue and feedback.


  • The inventory management process is extremely tedious and time-consuming if you need to delete the products that are added by mistake, which is a huge downside. To make it happen, you have to contact customer support eventually losing a lot of valuable time
  • The rental business has to continually evaluate their business performance to develop and make themselves better. Customer feedback and end-users can be a great way in this regard. However, this software doesn’t offer you that luxury.
  • It doesn’t process sales and rental on a single invoice. Thus, you have to generate and maintain separate reports for each of them.


The software comes with a free demo with pricing available on request.

4. Reservety


No one understands and cares for your rental business much better than you do. Luckily, Reservety does care for your business too. Reservety is a premium rental business software that understands the value of making your customers happy. It not only develops and fosters a relationship with your customers but also supplements your revenue. Most importantly, the software is pocket-friendly, so whether you’re a small business owner or you own a big company, Reservety promises to deliver the best of performance at a fraction of a cost.

Pro Features

Rental Store

The growing digital landscape demands the deployment of technology that entices potential customers. In this event, it becomes vital for rental companies to set-up an online rental store that embraces such technology. Reservety, in this regard, helps rental owners by providing an excellent choice to make a free rental store for customers to make reservations on the go.

Google Calendar Integration

Keep track of all the rental orders by synchronizing it with Google calendars. Find relevant and specific details about an item for a particular date; go through order history and more.

Rent Products in Bundle

What happens if your customers want a rent a single product and other items associated with it? You have to keep track of every single time and it can be tough when you have a bunch of orders to keep an eye. Here Reservety offers to keep track of bundle of inventory instead of an individual one. Plus, suppose you have items in your inventory which could not be rented individually, you can allow the customers to rent the whole lot for the same price of their desired quantity.

Customer Loyalty and Promotion

Reservety increases customer loyalty by allotting points to customers based on their usage. These points can be used on further orders, thus, making a customer loyal to the brand. Plus, it is easy to generate a discount code for the specific promotion.

Inventory management

Take care of minute details of your inventory, schedule and manage orders, generate invoices, documents, e-signs, and create reports to have a close overview of how your business is doing.

Payment Processing

Reservety allows you to implement multiple payment options on a rental store and take in-store orders with the aid of the POS-rental solution. It supports 30+ payment providers, which means the better conversion of visitors into leads.


Make accounting easy by easily integrating Reservety with favorite software like Xero and Quickbooks.


The most important aspect of the rental business is accepting and managing payment. With Reservety, you can enable customers to rent products to ask for quotation and rent on their desired price. Moreover, they can make partial payments before and after making the order.


There is no way to search for products if you have a large inventory based on product id or serial numbers. However, the development team is working on to introduce functionality.


The software offers competitive pricing, which starts from $30/month in which you can add 25 rental products and 3000 unique visitors to your rental store with unlimited features. To add more features and merchandise, you can upgrade to other economic plans.

In a nutshell

Every party has a rockstar that takes the audience to a different world. Similar way, you have to choose perfect rental software which can hold the rein of your rental business and guide you to the realm of success.

Reservety can be that and much for to you. Just try the most advanced Rental Software with a free 14-days trial without credit card. Bonus! You get a free Rental Store with it.

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