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Best Sports Rental Software

Whether you rent skis, UTVs or ATVs, watersports equipment, or a sports facility itself, sports rental software is always handy. 

If you operate seasonally or the whole year, giving your customers a remarkable experience must be your priority. And managing your bookings process without spending too much time on the paperwork might be second. 

Well, you can do that. Sports rental management is not a grind if you have the right tools to manage it correctly. 

Sports equipment rental software might be the most critical one.

Here are the three Best Sports Rental Software to Choose from:

1. Reservety

Reservety checks all the boxes in terms of features for sports rental businesses. If you have a small inventory or a big one, you can manage them efficiently by inventory calendar on the dashboard.

Other great features include disabling specific dates or periods or charging customers high or low prices based on the seasons. In fact, you can schedule prices for products months before. There are tons of other features too.

Ski Rental Software with Real time Calendar - Sports Rental Software for Small Businesses Screenshot

Pro Features of Reservety:

Inventory Tracking and Management: If you think inventory management is your biggest pain point, Reservety has the answer. You can organize sports gear seamlessly and keep track of every sports equipment with an inventory calendar using inventory view. Once an equipment is booked, you can confirm the item availability during the booking period using the booking view. 

Manual Orders: At times people call you or send emails about their equipment requirement, you can quickly feed reservations with a manual POS feature. Recording payment or charging customers with cards is as easy as creating orders.

Marketing  & Promotion: For marketing, you have plenty to experiment with:

  • Create bundles or packages to create standalone products that comes as one. Sell more to customers with upsell & cross-sell.
  • Optimize sports rental store for organic searches from Google, Bing & Yahoo with SEO setup
  • Track customers behavior online with Google Analytics
  • Wishlist support to make customers coming back to buy more
  • Email & SMS marketing to capture leads with subscription and grow your business
  • Create attractive promotions with Pop-Ups, discounts, gift cards to reward customers, or a pop-up to get’em surprised.

Payments: Accept payments with 50+ payment gateway support. You can view payment or sales for a specific product during a particular period using order reports. Another great feature is recording cash payments or cheques, if your customer books with you in person. You can charge customers extra fees, security deposits, and damage charges.

Shipping & Delivery: Reservety supports local and multi-location pick-up and delivery, if you send the equipment to customers. If you don’t, you can always choose not to use it.

Membership: A feature for sports facility rental, you can create membership and enjoy recurring payments with subscription. On the other hand, you can sell sports gear right from the same free online store that comes with this sports facility rental software.

Cons of Reservety

Reservety has no missing features or shortcomings. In fact, you can ask for a custom feature and we will have it.


Reservety got 2 plans. Startup $19.99/Month & Showstopper $49.99/month.

The startup plan at $19.99/month comes with essential rental features perfect for starting ventures. Plus, you get a rental website with hosting included and dedicated 24/7 chat support.

The other plan at $49.99/month plan is best for growing businesses. This plan includes additional features such as Quickbooks, Xero,  enhanced e-commerce tracking and reporting, additional storage, and more. You can check complete plans and features on the pricing page.

2. Ski Rental Systems

Are you wondering? How could you improve the performance of your ski rental business? Look no further; Ski Rental System would be your final destination in your search for the best sports rental software. Ski Rental System is innovative and professional rental software developed to add flexibility and convenience to the Ski rental business. Whether you are a sports rental startup gearing to make a mark or a well-established rental company looking to dominate the sports rental industry, Ski Rental System offers you the finesse to operate business Smoothly, and take much time out for yourself. Some of the features that the sports gear rental software provides.

Ski-Rental-Systems - Sports Rental Software for Skis

What Features Make Ski Rental Systems a Good alternative for Equipment Rental and Tracking?

  • Rental Tracking– The system offers intelligent reporting and real-time data access to the business owners to monitor orders, schedule delivery, track inventory, and complete orders. The smart visualization of data allows taking a quick peek at the rental performance and highlights the key areas where the performance can be improved. You can also make rapid changes on the fly without compromising the quality of the rental process.
  • Pricing-Ski Rental System allows you to set dynamic pricing for each of the sports gear by day, hour, tour, and even by the service customers choose to order. The software can create multiple payment structures to suit the demands of the customers. You can also set payments on different occasions.

  • Delivery-In case the Ski rental business is based on an off-site location, you have to arrange the shipment and make sure the sports equipment is delivered safely. Ski Rental System can help process the rental orders by quickly providing customer information to your shipping crew about the customer’s preference and location. Besides, it also informs customers about tracking their rental items.

  • Mobile Friendly-The reservation system is exceptionally mobile-friendly, which works across multiple browsers and operating systems. This serves your customer with a mobile-friendly version to book the sports equipment anywhere, anytime on the go. Plus, it subsumes a secure checkout option for easy processing of payments.

  • Reports-The software offers a quick-to-reach dashboard where you can access data and reports about rental orders. The reports can help you make critical data-driven decisions imperative to direct the business forward and generate profits. It can offer comprehensive reports on employee performance, inventory details, and payments.

What Are The Negative Points Of Managing Your Rental Sports Equipment With Ski Rental Systems?

  • The most significant setback is the software does not support multiple languages? So, if you are one of the people who like a system to be in your native language. This task is not your thing.
  • No choice to integrate Xero and Quickbook for account management. All in all, the customer is at the nascent stage and does not have many capabilities to deal with accounting.
  • Limited functionality to track and manage inventory. In case you need to monitor a broad base of equipment and update it in real-time for any changes, there is hardly any support for it
  • You cannot create pricing or discounts for customers based on their renting habits.


The pricing is available when you opt to take a demo.

3. Rentrax

Ever thought of making an outstanding decision for your business? Make smart decisions based on intuitive data-driven management platform Rentrax. Rentrax is a simple and easy-to-use software to manage rentals cut down labor, and maintenance costs, and improve the productivity of your business. It offers you excellent tools that perform way beyond your expectation to outsmart and outclass your competitors. Some of the features of Rentrax are:


What Specific Features Make Renttrax A Good Fit For Ski And Summer Sports Equipment Rental Management?

  • Real-time Inventory management-Rentrax allows you better track and monitors rental equipment inventory in real-time. By figuring out which rental item is rented most, you can easily set up a backup in case the item is damaged. And, schedule preventive maintenance and ultimately saving a lot of money on buying alternatives. Being aware of the products generally rented also allows you to have a general idea of where to invest most of your money while buying new inventory items.
  • Pricing Management-The software is entirely brilliant in terms of offering custom pricing solutions to the customers. Rental companies can easily set pricing based on high and low seasonal activities. They can also manipulate pricing based on day, date, and hours of rental. So, in every respect, the software does an excellent job and takes a lot of load off your shoulder.
  • Powerful Reporting-To determine that the rental business is heading in the right direction or not, it is vital to have an inside performance report on your desk. The software is entirely fabulous in bringing out accurate reports of each department from rental orders, cancelled orders, inventories, sales, and revenue at once place. This can go miles in enhancing and improving rental resources and management capabilities.
  • Promotions and Marketing-Did you see a drop in rental activity? This could be much due to your lack of effort in the promotion and marketing area. Hopefully, Rentrax can be the right tool to reduce your burden of defining and setting a marketing strategy. By this software, you can assign promotion activities as an agent to employees, friends, and even family members, and can track the sales each one of them has generated. You can also set discounts for existing customers based on a percentage or a fixed amount.
  • Staff Management-The key to getting more from your employees is to track and optimize based on their performance. Rentrax offers insight details to rental owners on each employee’s performance. You can set each employee’s access levels, and track sales made by him. This is a great way to analyze their performance and establish a dedicated target for them to complete to meet revenue goals.
  • Smart POS-Undeniably smart technology like a POS can be convenient for your customers to pay. Rentrax can easily integrate with a POS system, which makes it incredibly easy for customers to pay by any means from credit cards, debit cards, or cash. This is an all-in-one complete payment processor to cover any of the associated payments which might add up during rental.

Why Is Renttrax Not A Good Fit For Managing Your Rental Equipment?

  • Rentrax does not support Xero and Quickbook integration for accounts management
  • There is no support for multiple languages
  • No possibility to track orders via Google calendar integration.
  • In case you don’t have a
    rental website setup, you have to spend a couple of thousand dollars in
    developing a rental store for your business


The pricing includes the basic light plan of $55/month that includes email management, late return fee, splitting invoices, and primary email and phone support. To add more features to your cart, you have to standard, pro, and pay as you go plans, which are priced at $120, $240, and $10 per month. The pay-as-you-go plan has limited features and transactions, so you always have to pay extra for each additional sale.

Conclusion On Choosing The Best Sports Equipment Rental Software

The sports rental business entirely revolves around valuable inventory. The condition of the equipment highlights your commitment to the quality and vision of your brand. Therefore, the sports gear can be considered precious assets and, taking care of each of those assets becomes extremely important. Here Sports Rental software can be the ideal way to manage each of your assets and scale your business manifold.

Reservety, with its cost-effectiveness and essential features, will be the perfect companion to manage and organize your rental business. Taking a smart decision is not easy, and a 5-second

The decision can make or break chances to stand out as a winner.

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