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Best Construction Rental Software

The pursuit to become the best and world-class in the construction industry drives many aspirations.

It is never easy with insane competition which is almost an uphill battle. If you operate a construction rental business, you probably know how it is to be like in this sector. Perfection demands more than just quality equipment, you need to steal the show in order to be honored the greatest in the construction rental. 

It is easy? Definitely not. But construction equipment rental software surely smoothen the road for you. Here are the top three best construction rental software to use:

1. Reservety

Every business needs a powerful tool that can level up their game and outsmart the competitors. Reservety can work out of the way to create the perfect roadmap for your construction rental business to succeed. No more busy hours, lost & damaged equipment, capital loss, and headache for the rental owners, Since Reservety, combines smart and intelligent features to channel your efforts to turn your business into a significant success. Here are some of the highlights:

Reservety Bounce House and Inflatable Rental Software with 200+ party rental features

What features make Reservety the best construction rental software?

Inventory Tracking and Management: If you think inventory management is your biggest pain point, Reservety has the answer. You can organize inventory seamlessly and keep track of every inflatable with an inventory calendar using inventory view. Once a bounce house is booked, you can confirm the item availability during the booking period using the booking view. 

Manual Orders: At times people call you or send emails about their party requirements, you can quickly feed reservations with a manual POS feature. Recording payment or charging customers with cards is as easy as creating orders.

Marketing  & Promotion: For marketing, you have plenty to experiment with:

  • Create bundles or packages to sell more to customers or create upsell & cross-sell for in-store marketing
  • Optimize rental store for organic searches from Google, Bing & Yahoo with SEO setup
  • Track customers behavior online with Google Analytics
  • Wishlist support to make customers coming back to buy more
  • Email & SMS marketing to capture leads with subscription and grow your business
  • Create attractive promotions, discounts, gift cards to reward customers, or a pop-up to get’em surprised.

Payments: Accept payments with 50+ payment gateway support. You can view payment or sales for a specific product during a particular period using order reports. Another great feature is recording cash payments or cheques if your customer books with you in person.

Shipping & Delivery: Reservety supports local and multi-location pick-up and delivery. You can set up bookings to be received and delivered in a specific location and charge customers accordingly based on distance using a mileage-based pricing feature.

Cons of Reservety

Reservety has no missing features or shortcomings. In fact, you can ask for a custom feature and we will have it.


Reservety got 2 plans. Startup $19.99/Month & Showstopper $49.99/month.

The startup plan at $19.99/month comes with essential rental features perfect for starting ventures. Plus, you get a rental website with hosting included and dedicated 24/7 chat support.

The other plan at $49.99/month plan is best for growing businesses. This plan includes additional features such as Quickbooks, Xero,  enhanced e-commerce tracking and reporting, additional storage, and more. You can check complete plans and features on the pricing page.


Baseplan is a comprehensive solution for managing and meeting the precise needs of the construction rental industry. It is software that delivers the best of process control and visibility to level up your rental business. From quoting, invoicing, rental, and finance management, Baseplan makes sure your entire rental departments work in coordination to deliver effective services to customers and increased business productivity. Here’s a breakdown of the software features.

How BASEPLAN features can help manage your construction rental business better?

  • Rental Management-Baseplan offers you the capability to rent items by day, date, week, hours, and by the type of rental equipment to allow you to set effective rental and billing prices to generate maximum revenue. It will enable you to manage both short and long term rentals combined with the ability to monitor equipment with pre and post-hire inspection by attaching pictures. Plus, the intuitive dashboard increases your decision-making capability by providing insight information on rental orders with complete visibility of rental items availability and tracking.
  • Integrated Dry and Wet Equipment Rental -With the exceptional ability to streamline and customize every aspect of the rental process, you will be able to track, locate, and manage both wet and dry equipment easily. With the planning calendar, the software allows you to match equipment availability and location with labor resources and operators. You can easily monitor payroll and labor hours with timesheet integration. Also, it matches the equipment hired with labor revenue and cost so that rental owners can charge the customers the right price.
  • Preventive Maintenance and Service Scheduling-The software take care of every step of equipment life-cycle management from planning, allocation, and prioritization to labor to proactively scheduling equipment based on the condition. It smartly determines which material requires maintenance based on service management data.
  • Real-time Accounting-The software has an extensive capability to analyze and report every transaction to figure out ROI and cost of ownership. There is automatic disposal of assets for quick and efficient sale of assets. Plus, the ability to report data to excel, so you can keep up with the data whenever you want.
  • The software eliminates the need to manually enter data by recording the transactions in real-time and link them back to your general ledger. It offers a flexible track and important budget for actual performance through MS excel. It also provides the customers with the choice to pay in multiple currencies and adjust it automatically through the general ledger. It also reduces the time to prepare and maintain a consolidated report. 

Which BASEPLAN features might turn you down on selecting it for your construction equipment tracking?

  • The software is outstanding from the rental management point of view but still lacks the support for taking rentals online. In case a rental owner does not have an existing rental store, they need to develop and maintain it to target customers who look to hire equipment online.
  • There are in-built modules to manage bookkeeping and ledger management activities. In the event, you’re comfortable working on popular software like Xero and Quickbook, and you cannot integrate with the software.
  • There is no support for Google calendar integration for order management and scheduling.
  • POS-rental and in-store payments are not supported. No option for customers to pay in partial payments.


The price is available on request.


WYNNE is the complete rental management solution that allows you to take on multiple rental projects and execute them efficiently. The rental software enhances productivity and coordinates with your entire department to bring out the best performance and produce the maximum result for the rental business. Moreover, it helps you to focus more on profits with minimum supervision. Some of the features of the software are:

Why using WYNNE for the management of your rental equipment?

  • Equipment Management-The software brings more convenience to the existing equipment tracking and management process. It tracks the equipment at every step of the rental process from the yard, to on-site location, and return. It makes sure the fleet remains in good shape. Besides, it reduces costs on maintenance by automatically scheduling equipment for maintenance. It also tracks cost and depreciation for bulk or serial-based items to bill each of them.
  • Order Processing-The System allows engineers to choose and pick equipment right from the on-site itself and request them to be delivered in real-time. It makes it extremely quick to select the required equipment, enter delivery time, and input any special project requirement. The software then notifies the employees in the yard to process the order.
  • ERP Integration-The software can quickly integrate with ERP applications such as SAP and Oracle to deliver tailor-made solutions to rental businesses.
  • Resource Planning-It proves out to be a fabulous return on investment by helping in reducing cost and increasing efficiency by keeping everything on track from asset planning, calculating margins, and processing payments. It also reduces time in instructing crew about the rental order details; the team can use software tools to manage both internal and external rental.

What features is WYNNE missing?

  • The software is primarily focused on the equipment level rental process and still misses features on another rental management side of things, which includes documentation, invoice management, payment processing, customer communication, and pricing management.
  • The support is not multi-lingual, which means operating and executing orders will undoubtedly prove out to be an arduous task.
  • To take rental orders and develop an online presence is not a choice but a necessity these days. And rental companies cannot undermine and underestimate the potential and power of the internet for customer acquisition. Hence, it is critical to developing a rental store where people can choose the equipment of the choice and book from the platform itself. However, rental owners have to spend a substantial amount of money to get it developed and run as the software does not offer the choice of the rental store.
  • There is no support for Xero and Quickbook integration, which tends to be a crucial part of the account management segment.
  • The software does not support multiple languages.


For pricing, you need to contact. They can send you the pricing after taking into consideration your exact requirements.

The rental owners cannot undermine smart technology like that of construction rental software, which can be a game-changer for their business. Adopting and maneuvering rental software can indeed allow them to dominate the rental world most fascinatingly.

Never give this a second thought. Still not sure which rental software would work the best for you? Go with Reservety.

With Reservety, you spend no extra bucks on developing a standard rental website and maintaining it for the perfect experience that your customers will relish.

So Why Wait? Try Reservety with a Free 7-day trial. After that, it is only $19.99/Month. Change your World Now!

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