Best Bounce House or Inflatable Rental Software

Best Bounce House or Inflatable Rental Software

Having bounce houses at the party means guaranteed fun and entertainment for kids. These inflatables make the party alive. Even in some way, they add immense joy to the people around them. But not every party gets a chance to excite kids. Because the bouncy slides, they have been awaiting never arrived. 

I’m sure, you don’t have to be that party rental business to deal with such a nightmare. But a properly organized inventory, booking, and delivery process can be a delusion. If you are a party rental owner dealing with an elusive rental and booking process, unhappy and unsatisfied customers can become a common picture. 

However, if you have credible bounce rental software by your side, you can look on the other side and pretend it never happen 🙂

Here are the four best bounce house rental software to chose from:

1. Reservety

Reservety is a cloud rental software for bounce houses or inflatables. It is based on WordPress and Woocommerce. Indeed, it is the best software in the reservation, rentals, and booking category features such as real-time booking calendars, which has won the trust of rental owners.

Reservety Bounce House and Inflatable Rental Software with 200+ party rental features

Pro Features of Reservety:

Inventory Tracking and Management: If you think inventory management is your biggest pain point, Reservety has the answer. You can organize inventory seamlessly and keep track of every inflatable with an inventory calendar using inventory view. Once a bounce house is booked, you can confirm the item availability during the booking period using the booking view. 

Manual Orders: At times people call you or send emails about their party requirements, you can quickly feed reservations with a manual POS feature. Recording payment or charging customers with cards is as easy as creating orders.

Marketing  & Promotion: For marketing, you have plenty to experiment with:

  • Create bundles or packages to sell more to customers or create upsell & cross-sell for in-store marketing
  • Optimize rental store for organic searches from Google, Bing & Yahoo with SEO setup
  • Track customers behavior online with Google Analytics
  • Wishlist support to make customers coming back to buy more
  • Email & SMS marketing to capture leads with subscription and grow your business
  • Create attractive promotions, discounts, gift cards to reward customers, or a pop-up to get’em surprised.

Payments: Accept payments with 50+ payment gateway support. You can view payment or sales for a specific product during a particular period using order reports. Another great feature is recording cash payments or cheques if your customer books with you in person.

Shipping & Delivery: Reservety supports local and multi-location pick-up and delivery. You can set up bookings to be received and delivered in a specific location and charge customers accordingly based on distance using a mileage-based pricing feature.

Cons of Reservety

Reservety has no missing features or shortcomings. In fact, you can ask for a custom feature and we will have it.


Reservety has 3 plans. Seed $28/MonthGrowth $78/ Month, & Mobiliz $188/month.

The “Seed” plan comes with essential rental features perfect for starting ventures. Plus, you get a rental website with hosting included and dedicated 24/7 chat support.

The other plans are best for growing businesses. These plans include additional features such as Quickbooks, Xero, enhanced e-commerce tracking and reporting, additional storage, personalized app, and more. You can check complete plans and features on the pricing page.

2. Bouncy Castle Network

Bouncy Castle Network is a leader in offering a reliable rental solution to inflatable rental companies. The company, with years of experience in the field, has come up with sophisticated and robust technology that addresses the woes of rental business owners. The software was built from scratch, with years of experience keeping the challenges of the industry in mind. It allows you to effortlessly manage your inflatable business with a world-class system design to empower your business online. Some of the Pro Features of the system are:


Pro Features of BCN:

Rental Book System

BCN features a rental booking system in the mega package, which enables rental businesses to take online bookings, set-up delivery systems, create discounts, multiple payment integration, which includes some of the world’s top payment providers such as PayPal and Worldpay. Plus, you can monitor the real-time availability of products and bookings.

Reporting or Diary System

This feature is not available in the free plan. When you opt for a basic idea, you get the functionality to manage and keep track of rental reports and bookings. The software allows you to generate excel reports, Google calendar integration, text & e-mail support, discount code creation, multiple site shareable database, calendar/list views, and other vital features.

Website Support

It becomes critical to address customer’s queries and complains to produce satisfying results for their business. The software allows you to serve customers with ticket-based support, phone, and chat support on your website.

Online Marketing and Promotion

Undeniably, marketing the rental business is as important as managing other segments of your industry. Scaling your business needs a combination of the right tools and a perfect marketing strategy. The software provides all the marketing tools at your fingertips, such as social media integration, blog, SEO tools, marketing guides, directory listing, and newsletter system. Therefore, you can easily tap into the online world to gain more exposure and potential customers for the business.

Content Management System

It is available in most of the packages. With an organized CMS, the rental companies can create a fully functional rental website with a custom domain, hosting, testimonial system, multiple language support, and many other exciting features.

Cons of BCN:

The software lacks crucial features like route tracking, shipping, and delivery management. Thus, it is likely possible that you will spend much more than you plan or risk losing your rental assets.

  • Ideally, for any rental business, inventory management is a significant point. At every step, you need to keep track of and manage rental equipment and make them readily available for rentals. However, the system doesn’t offer such luxury; neither you can rent equipment in bundles or packages.
  • No support for Xero and Quickbook integration, which work fabulously to manage accounts.
  • The payment system is the core of the rental system. However, there is no way to accept partial payments, deposits, in-store payments, and additional charges related to renting products
  • Vital features like invoice generation, document management, and contract creation are missing.


The basic starter plan starts from around $20, which works well if you have less than ten products in your inventory with limited features and website. This plan does not include CMS, Booking system, and other essential elements that require managing rentals. In case you want to add more products, consider upgrading to more premium plans.

3. Inflatable Office

Inflatable Office is one of the phenomenal inflatable rental software that brings perfection to your rental management. The software works in a unique way to outperform your traditional way of operating the rental business and bring forward innovative solutions. The platform is built to embrace growth, increase profits, and scale your business to a new level. Some of the amazing features are:

Inflatable Office

Pro Features of Inflatable Office:

Contract Management

The software incorporates extraordinary features such as contract generation and management. This feature allows customers to save time by automating the contract generation process. As soon as the customer books product, it sends a contract on their mail.

Inhibits Multiple Booking

The inflatable office quickly notifies when customers accidentally book the same product twice. This feature enables you to immediately remove multiple orders and eventually prevent the locking of inventory assets.

Real-time Availablity

With this feature, both the customers and the rental company owners will be able to see the rental items once it becomes available.

Digital Signatures

The software allows customers to sign a contract online. Ultimately, this leads a greater satisfaction and increases customer delight.


Customers can straightforward get quotes and reserve orders from your website. Thus, eliminate the need for them to visit your rental store.


In case you want to set up a custom promotion for existing customers. The inflatable office offers a clear way to apply for promotions once the customer makes an order.

Inventory Management

The software is pre-loaded with exquisite functionality to schedule item maintenance, charge different prices for items on various events, list items in 2-different ways, and a lot of other super features.

Cons of Inflatable Office:

  • There is no support for multiple languages
  • No support for custom pricing on checkout, and the ability for customers to make partial payments


It comes with a free plan in which you can add up to ten items with limited support and features. You can upgrade to the basic plan of $75/month to add more than ten products and get professional assistance.

4. Event Rental System (ERS)

Event Rental System is an intelligent and innovative solution to power any event rental business of every shape and size. The software capitalizes on vast years of research and development processes to enhance the functioning of the rental companies. With ERS, the rental departments work in excellent coordination through the use of insight reports, scheduling, routing, and marketing tools. Some of the vital features:

Event Rental System

Pro Features of Event Rental System (ERS):

Create Digital Contracts

The software possesses fantastic features such as digital contract creation. The features allow generating contracts for customers with minimal efforts. Thus, reduce a lot of valuable time.

Online Payments

ERS mutually benefits both the rental companies and customers by readily making payments available. The customers can choose to pay online with flexible payment options.

Real-time Reservation and Ordering

You can get maximum results for your business by taking rental orders online. The software allows customers to make a real-time reservation through the rental software, check availability, ask for quotes, and rent equipment.

Cons of ERS:

  • In an event, the rental companies need to track shipping and routing. The software offers the limited possibility to perform such excursion.
  • There is no choice for customers to make in-store orders.
  • No multiple language support
  • The software is not compatible with integration with Xero and Quickbooks.


It has a standard plan which starts from $70 for adding ten items with limited features. Consider taking an upgrade to add more features and rental products to the store.


While choosing the perfect rental software solution for any rental company, it is essential to keep the end-users in mind. The solution that brings a high degree of change for both the rental company and for the customers should be given preference. Here Reservety clearly emerges winner among other bounce house or inflatables rental software in terms of cost-effectiveness, full-fledge features, and technical support. Then, why not give it a try and see your profits explode.

Sign up for the 7 days free trial today and realize the true potential of your business.

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