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Best Bike Rental Software

Bike rentals are anticipated to grow faster than ever before. Travelers, commuters, or casual riders, someone somewhere is looking to book a bike to experience the outer world. For the bike-sharing or rental businesses, it’s a remarkable opportunity to grow and establish themselves in the industry. It is outright possible to have the right tool at your disposal.

Here are the top three bike rental software to stay productive and efficient during the entire booking cycle:

1. Reservety

If you are a rising bike rental or leasing business, Reservety is a comprehensive package. Reservety offers features to start promoting your bike rental startup even with a small inventory.

You don’t have to invest in a website. With Reservety, you can choose from our bike rental templates and start taking reservations with real-time calendar availability. See the Screenshot and Features below:

Bike Rental Software with Inventory Tracking and Management

Pro Features of Reservety:

Inventory Tracking and Management: Inventory tracking is quick, simple, and easy with an inventory calendar. You can check the inventory availability in real-time. Accept or make a booking only when you have enough inventory. Do more with booking calendars and reservation reports.

Manual Bookings: If you operate bike rentals from a location, you can record bookings with the POS feature and even save customers detail for future bookings

Marketing  & Promotion: For marketing, you have plenty to experiment with:

  • Create bundles or packages to sell more to customers or create upsell & cross-sell for in-store marketing
  • Optimize rental store for organic searches from Google, Bing & Yahoo with SEO setup
  • Track customers behavior online with Google Analytics
  • Wishlist support to make customers coming back to buy more
  • Email & SMS marketing to capture leads with subscription and grow your business
  • Create attractive promotions, discounts, gift cards to reward customers, or a pop-up to get’em surprised.

Payments: Accept payments with 50+ payment gateway support. You can view payment or sales for a specific product during a particular period using order reports. Another great feature is recording cash payments or cheques if your customer books with you in person.

Shipping & Delivery: Reservety supports local and multi-location pick-up and delivery. You can set up bookings to be received and delivered in a specific location and charge customers accordingly based on distance using a mileage-based pricing feature.

Documentation: Generate invoices, contracts, rental terms and pages, and insurance. Charge customer additional fee for damage or a late fee easily. You can also take deposits.

Cons of Reservety

Reservety has no missing features or shortcomings. In fact, you can ask for a custom feature and we will have it.


Reservety got 2 plans. Startup $19.99/Month & Showstopper $49.99/month.

The startup plan at $19.99/month comes with essential rental features perfect for starting ventures. Plus, you get a rental website with hosting included and dedicated 24/7 chat support.

The other plan at $49.99/month plan is best for growing businesses. This plan includes additional features such as Quickbooks, Xero,  enhanced e-commerce tracking and reporting, additional storage, and more. You can check complete plans and features on the pricing page.

2. HQ Rental Software

It is time to overhaul your bike rental business with robust capabilities of HQ Rental software. The HQ bike Rental software drastically improves the way you process rental orders, accept payments, monitor inventory, and communicate with customers. The software is built to deliver superior performance for the rental process and drive the engagement of customers by making the booking process seamless and flexible. It also addresses varied problems for rental owners by offering customized solutions. Some of the features of HQ Rental Software are:

HQRental Software for Bike Inventory Management

Pro Features of HQ Rental Software:

Online Reservations- With HQ bike rental software, you can turn your ordinary website into a fully-function rental store in a matter of time by installing easy to install the plugin. From fonts, colors, and design, everything can be personalized to increase engagement and conversion. Moreover, if you don’t own a website, HQ offers to provide a modern and responsive rental website that supports multiple languages and currencies. Apart from it, you can choose to accept payments online by integrating your rental store with a 15+ payment gateway.

Fleet Management- The quick and easy interface allows you to check the availability of the bikes right away from the rental dashboard. The inventory updates in real-time; hence, both the customers and rental owners can see the product immediately when they are available. Plus, Bikes can be rented simply by drag and drop features on the calendar.

Maintenance and Repair Alerts- The software is brilliant in dealing with maintenance issues, and after the setup, it quickly notifies you via email in case any bike needs a schedule or preventive maintenance. This also saves costs on tax and insurance by telling you for relevant documents.

Contract Management– HQ takes care of each document management to reduce time in preparation, signing, and sending agreements and contracts to customers. It automatically generates rental agreements online and enables customers to sign them digitally online. This feature is fantastic in offering ease of rental and payment to customers.

Keep Track of Damage– The software allows keeping track of damage by closely monitoring vehicles by taking pictures and comparing them with the images clicked after the returns. This feature reduces time on manual inspection and allows you to charge customers for the damage done.

Reports- The software is extraordinarily mobile-friendly and also has an app to review recent orders, returns, and payments quickly. The dashboard presents all the reports in a single place to take prompt action for rentals.

Cons of HQ Rental Software:

  • Although the software offers you to set-up a dedicated bike rental store, the fact, it is not free will going to add more burden to your pocket. Besides, from the monthly software, you have to pay additional charges for the development and hosting of the rental store.
  • No choice for bike rental businesses to scale their marketing and promotion strategy as the software does not offer to create a promotion campaign, discounts, and custom pricing choice, which is a great way to woo customers and increase sales.
  • The software does not offer the flexibility to charge distinct pricing on a different date, day, or hour. Nor does it allow to charge customers extra in case they exceed rental hours.
  • Tracking and routing each of the bikes could be a serious challenge as the software has limited capabilities to accomplish this task.


The pricing of the software starts from a $50/month startup plan, which includes features such as digital signatures, bookkeeping integration and custom integration, likely to be missing. To get those features, you have to upgrade to basic, standard, and professional plans.

3. Bike Rental Manager

Turn your ordinary rental business into a dominating and authoritative rental business by delivering splendid services to the customers. Sounds like a Daydream?

Bike Rental Manager can transform that dream into reality. Bike Rental Manager reduces the painstaking hours on inventory management, communicating with customers, creating and sending contracts, and payments by increasing the overall efficiency and wiping out unnecessary time. Hence, it allows you to focus more on driving growth for the business.

It gives you so much space that you can easily maintain the work-life balance and relish some great moments with your family. Some of the Features of Rental Manager are:

Bike Rental Manager Software Screenshot

Pro Features of Bike Rental Manager:

Scheduling and Tracking Orders-The software work intelligently to allow you to explore inventory with a quick search option, see real-time availability of bikes, track bikes for payments and maintenance, and schedule rental orders with the help of calendar-based management. It comes with a visual planner to let you choose the way how many bikes are available in your inventory, and how many you can rent. An incredible feature like barcode scanning eliminates the need for entering data manually in the software. Thus, it creates reservations super-fast and easy.

Fleet Management-Being in control of the rental items allows you to efficiently manage the rental process, which yields positive results for the business. The software can be handy to track each of the rental items efficiently by providing info on check-in, rental hours, customer contact details, and charging customers in case of any discrepancy with the rental items. Plus, you can quickly maximize your inventory management capabilities by working with data that is generated quickly by merely scanning each of the rental items.

Pricing Control-The Bike Rental Manager offers powerful features to control pricing and generate higher profit for your business. You can choose to rent bikes by hours, days, and weeks without a manual touch. Also, you can want to price products in the group.

Documentation-It helps you reduce the paperwork involved in the reservation process by generating documents like invoices, contracts, waivers, and disclaimers automatically. Plus, it allows you to add your terms and condition to contracts. It sends the invoices the contracts to the customer so they can sign on it digitally. Moreover, you can choose to customize each of your invoices by adding a logo or brand identity to make them look professional.

Managing Payments and Discounts-The system offers unlimited possibilities to accept payments for customers and charge them for additional service fees, which include taxes, security deposits, charges for any damage, and insurance and taxes. You can allow them to make it initially or at a later stage with partial or full payment options. The pricing is automatically added at the time of checkout, and in case you like to offer some discounts to customers, you can quickly work with it.

Delivery Management-Effortlessly manages the delivery of each of the bikes at each stage for the delivery life-cycle. Track the current location of the equipment, whether they are planned, picked, loaded, returned, and on-road, you can quickly get the details. Plus, you can also choose to add delivery charges with each of the reservations.

Cons of Bike Rental Manager:

  • The software is not multi-lingual and supports only a few languages, which are English, French, German, and Spanish. Hence, if you don’t fall within the purview of these languages, you are likely to face trouble in operating the software.
  • The software works well with bikes, but in case you want additional merchandise, the whole scenario from inventory management to accounting needs to be an overhaul.
  • Accounting lacks crucial features to add and integrated popular software like Xero and Quickbooks.


The software has four pricing plans bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The lowest plan starts from $59 and goes up to $250/ month. All the plans have similar sorts of features except the number of products you can add to the rental inventory. The basic plan allows you to add up to 50 items.

Bike rental is a unique and outstanding way to ease the life of people and save their valuable time. But on the other side of the coin, it has turned the life of rental owners upside down. However, modern technology has brought both sides of the coin in a single loop by making the experience accommodating for all. Hence, take this opportunity for granted and revolutionize your existing business with one of these bike rental software.

Reservety can be a great choice here that is packed with all the powerful features vital to bring rejoice for your customers and lucrative profits for your rental business. Don’t hold yourself from taking this fantastic life-changing decision. After all, we all need to be fearless.

Try it yourself by taking a free 7 days trial without a credit card, and then, it’s just $19.99/month (Including a free Online Rental Store).

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