Winter Sports and Skiing Equipment Rental Software

Winter Sports and Skiing Equipment Rental Software

Reservety developed all-in-one Rental Software to rent out your winter sports and Skiing Equipment Online. The software offers a complete solution. It first transforms your physical rentals into a professional online rental store, where customers can select winter sports equipment, book them for specific periods, and make payments online.

Suitable for Your Winter Sports and Skiing Equipment Rentals

Simple to Use

You can set up and go live with your rental store within hours because we developed the software so that even a person without coding knowledge can manage their online rental business like a pro.

100% Responsive

Nowadays, more and more people started using smartphones to shop online. Therefore, we developed our software to be accessible from most devices, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Over 200 Features

Our software has more features than any other rental software, and the best part is that most components are customizable to meet your needs. For example, you can customize checkout pages, menus, and the structures of individual pages with simple steps.

Primary Features to Enhance
Your Rental Business

Rental Website for Winter Sports Rentals

Tools to Build Your Professional Rental Store

Nowadays, people like to shop online. Offering your rental items may increase your revenues as you may accept bookings beyond your office hours.

The package includes tools, templates, multimedia features, and a cloud-based hosting account. Using those resources, you may create an online store and showcase your products and services to thousands of potential customers.

Online Booking System with
Reliable Payment Solutions

Your new website will allow your customers to view your winter sports and skiing equipment, select the relevant ones, book or reserve them for specific dates, and pay with Visa, MasterCard,, PayPal, Square, and Stripe.

Booking System for Skiing Equipment Rentals
Inventory Management System for Skiing Equipment Rentals

Inventory Management System with built-in calendar

Now, you can skip digging up your warehouse to see what is available there. Our software adds all of your inventories to the digital database in an organized manner by labeling them with serial numbers.

Whenever people rent items, the transaction gets synced with the availability calendar, where you can conveniently view what is available. If an item is already rented out, the calendar shows the secured periods and the next available date and keeps updating the available stock quantities.

Live Chat System for Effective Communication

Replying to customer messages on time is the key to building a long-lasting business relationship. Considering that, we included the live chat system that makes communication quick and straightforward. Customers can ask questions and get timely responses through the website.

The system also lets you exchange documents such as IDs, Invoices, Catalogs, and links.

Live Chat System for Skiing Equipment Rentals
Instant Quoting System for Winter Sports Equipment Rentals

Instant Quoting System

Once you set prices for your winter sports equipment, add shipping methods with fees, and assign area-based tax rates, the system will automatically calculate the total costs for each item.

For example, suppose John tries to rent out a snowboard for the weekend. In that case, he will need to select a snowboard from the inventory, indicate a rental duration, pick a shipping method, and enter his zip code (or area) to see the total price.

Order Management System

By accessing Order Management System, you can approve and cancel orders, view order details and customer information, add or remove items from existing orders, change rental periods, apply additional charges and discounts to accounts, and update order statuses.

The system also lets you add manual orders for in-store clients, set due dates for payments, request payment, and send direct customer messages.

Order Management System For Skiing Gear Rentals
Bundling System for Skiing Equipment Rentals

Ability to Create Winter Sport Bundles

People who are into winter sports and skiing may want to rent a complete gear set instead of selecting each item one by one.

Reservety lets you create your bundles by mixing the items that may be essential for each sport type. For example, you can offer skiing boots, snowboards, poles, helmets, and emergency kits as a bundle and list them under a package deal.

Professional Invoicing and Payment System

With Reservety, you can process both cash and online payments. You can create professional invoices for online clients by uploading your logo and digital signature and send them to the assigned customers through an email system.

The payment system can also accept deposits or partial payments and reflect all the financial transactions under individual accounts.

Invoicing system for skiing equipment rentals
Multimedia Tools for Rentals

Multimedia Tools to Display Winter Sports and Skiing Equipment in Action.

The best way to persuade potential customers to book more stuff is by presenting your inventories more entertainingly. That means you must create fun photo galleries and share the brightest winter sports moments through catchy videos.

Reservety’s Rental software handles all of these activities. We have tools to create attractive galleries, video snippets, and slideshows to instantly catch your customers’ attention.

Survey and Review System

The software lets you create surveys and send them to the customer through the Bulk emailing system. The results of surveys will help you know what your customers want and, more importantly, fix your weaknesses and implement new changes based on customer opinions.

On the other hand, the review system will let your customers leave their reviews and feature the results under individual products. Good reviews can persuade customers to rent items from your rental store.

Review System for Rentals
Social Media Tools for Skiing Equipment Rentals

Social Media Integration to Increase Your Business Visibility

Sharing your winter sports and skiing equipment on social media platforms may attract more customers. You can create catalogs, catchy banners, and discount coupons with Reservety. And the best part is that social media integrations let you post them across all platforms with a single click.

Additionally, you put a “share” button under each product to let your customers share them with their friends and family.

Captivating Cabin and Cottage Rental
Templates to Choose From

Booking System to Build Frictionless
Winter Sports Rentals

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