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Trailer Rental Software with Online Booking System

Are you planning to start a trailer rental business or want to improve the existing one? In either case, Reservety's Trailer Rental Software will allow your customers to book or reserve your utility and cargo trailers online and streamline most rental processes. The Software is an all-in-one solution to complete all the tasks within a few minutes. It will transform your physical trailer rental business into an online one, helping you manage orders and inventories electronically.

Reservety Winning Features

Customizable Rental Inventory Reports

Invoices & Packing List with Custom Design

In-store, Phone, online and quote orders Support

Digital Contracts, E-Signatures, and Waivers

Pay online with Deposits or Pre-authorizations before rental dates

Customer Account with Memberships and Groups Support

Customizable emails and notifications

Stunning Website Design with Ecommerce support

Lighting fast and
Frustration free support

Do More with a
Trailer Rental Software

Affordable Pricing

We priced our Trailer Rental Software lower than any other product in the industry. However, it does not mean we have fewer features. Contrarily, we offer over 200+ features for unbelievably low pricing.


Software is also suitable for beginners. You just need to log in to your account, connect your domain, activate relevant features, list and price your trailers, and you are ready to go live.

Free Migration

If you already have a website, we will migrate it to our reliable system for free. We will appoint one expert to your account until you are comfortable using the Software.

Features included in the Software

Website for trailer rentals

Online Rental Store to Take Real-time Bookings and Avoid Double Bookings

Reservety comes with tools, templates, and a cloud-based hosting account to build your professional online store to start offering your trailers to online shoppers. The web-building process is easy and does not require sophisticated technical knowledge.

Once launched, your new store will enable you to list your products with variations, offer automated quotes, communicate with potential customers on-site, accept bookings and reservations, and process online payments.

Real-Time Inventory Monitoring

With Reservety, you can manage your trailers electronically. The system lets you add all your trailers and related products, such as hitches, covers, and straps, to a digital warehouse and label them with serial numbers.

Once the inventories are added, the system syncs the inventory data with your online store and shows the exact quantities to visitors. For instance, if a specific model of cargo trailer is out of stock, the system turns off the item from the store. Additionally, the inventory management system lets you view rented and available trailers and remaining stocks and monitor the overall usage of individual inventories.

Inventory Management System for Trailer Rentals
Bundling system for trailer rentals

Sell Inclusive & Optional Add-ons

Our Trailer Rental Software lets you sell items. For example, if you want to sell straps, ropes, covers, packaging supplies, boxes, and tapes, you can easily list those products as sellable items.

The Software also lets you create bundles from your inventory and offer them under a package deal. This process is helpful for newbie renters as they won’t miss the essential products for their projects. At the same time, you will increase your revenues by offering more items. For example, you can list a utility trailer, ramps, hand trucks, and straps as bundles.

Contract Management with E-signature and Digital Waivers

The Contract Management system will ensure that your trailer rental business operates on legal grounds. It is your responsibility to disclose your terms and conditions to your customers. Therefore, we give you the tools and template to create your Terms & Conditions pages, where you will list penalties for trailer damages or late returns and safety warnings to avoid lawsuits.

Once you create the T&C document, the system will display it during the checkout process to get customer confirmation. Unless customers read and agree with the document, the system will not let them finalize the deal.

Contract Management System for Trailer Rentals
Payment Processor for Trailer Rentals

Accept Payments Online

With Reservety’s Trailer Rental Software, you can accept credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc., and E-wallet payments from PayPal, Square, Stripe, and other payment solutions.

You can easily integrate the mentioned payment methods with your rental business and have your customers select their preferred payment options during the checkout process.

Beautiful and Customizable Invoice Templates

Having professional invoices shows your credibility, and at the same time, invoices are essential to file and tracking financial transactions. Considering those benefits, we included tools enabling you to create electronic invoices by uploading your logo and digital signature.

Our invoicing system automatically calculates the numbers, sets payment amounts, and allows you to send them to applicable customers electronically using a reliable emailing system.

Order Management System for Trailer Rentals

Seamless Order Management System

Have you tried to process orders manually? If you did, you should know how difficult and time-consuming it is. We implemented an order management system as part of the package to eliminate those bottlenecks. By accessing the system, you can check daily orders, view customer information and order details, approve or cancel pending orders, change rental periods, and send a direct message to clients.

The system also lets you update order statuses, apply additional charges and discounts to accounts, enter manual orders, add or remove items from existing orders, and send payment requests.

Availability Calendar

The availability calendar is essential for your trailer Rental business as it shows the availability of rental trailers and related products for each calendar date. The calendar system is updated in real-time as it is fully synced with inventory and order management systems.

Availability calendar for trailer rentals

Google Maps Integration and SEO Tools

When people search for nearby trailer rentals, do you want your trailer rental business to show up on business maps? If so, you can add your business to Google Maps with simple steps.

The Software also includes SEO tools to improve your rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Using the tools, you can add meta titles, descriptions, and tags to your online store.

Keep in touch with Instant Notifications

Reservety’s Notification System will notify your customers about order confirmations or cancellations, approaching deadlines, overdue payments, policy updates, order status changes, etc.

You can also create personalized notifications with relevant messages and set them up for automatic deliveries based on the account or order status.

Social Media Integration for Trailer Rentals

Always be in Control with Security Deposits

Avoid liability due to damaged and lost equipment. Add pre-determined security deposit amount for equipment that can be charged before or, during the rental stage. With pre-authoriation on card, you can have the peace of mind to rent beyond the limits.

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