Tennis Court Reservation System

Tennis Reservation System to Automate Tennis Court and Equipment Rentals

Reservety developed all-in-one software for tennis court owners and sports equipment rental companies. Using the software, you can offer your tennis courts and equipment for reservation with hourly or daily options. It lets you create your professional online store, showcase your products and services, communicate with customers onsite, accept online reservations and bookings, and process online payments.

Reservety Winning Features

Customizable Rental Inventory Reports

Invoices & Packing List with Custom Design

In-store, Phone, online and quote orders Support

Digital Contracts, E-Signatures, and Waivers

Pay online with Deposits or Pre-authorizations before rental dates

Customer Account with Memberships and Groups Support

Customizable emails and notifications

Stunning Website Design with Ecommerce support

Lighting fast and
Frustration free support

Reservety Should Be Your First Choice

We will share only three good reasons.

Mobile Friendly

Online users can reserve tennis courts or items using smartphones or tablets. Plus, you will get your mobile app to give the best customer experience to your clients.

Simple to Manage

Even newbies can manage their Tennis Reservation System like a pro. We made it simple for businesses to accept bookings 24/7 from worldwide clients.

Developed by Industry Experts

Our software developers have years of experience in the rental and booking business. So, they included essential features and tools to simplify your rental operations.

We Got a Package Full of Features to
Automate Your Tennis Reservations

Website for squash reservation

Cloud-Based Hosting Account with Web-building Tools

We included web-building tools and templates to enable you to build your professional website on our reliable cloud-based hosting. Luckily, you do not need any coding knowledge. Just drag and drop structures, layouts, and other features you want to display on your page, add your listings, set payment options and delivery fees, and go live instantly.

Product Listing is as Easy as ABC

You can list your rental tennis equipment and courts with calendar-based reservation options on your new website. If you organize tennis games at your facility, you can also sell tickets. For example, you can list your tickets with seat variations (e.g., front seats, back seats, corner seats, etc.) and have your customers book them electronically.

Tennis Court and equipment rental listing

Online Payment Processing with Professional Invoices

Reservety allows you to accept payment from Visa, MasterCard,, PayPal, Square, and Stripe for online reservations. Your customer can pay during the checkout process, or you can send them customized payment requests with professional invoices.

The invoicing system allows you to upload your electronic signature and logos to make them look professional. Additionally, the system generates invoices automatically based on the account balances, and you no longer need to calculate the due payments and type them into invoices by hand.

Ability to Create Bundles

The sporting industry is vast and has excellent opportunities for additional revenue. For instance, if you offer tennis courts for rent, you can bundle them with experienced tennis instructors for an additional cost. Or, if you organize tennis games, you can couple them with meals or drinks to increase your revenues.

Reservety allows you to utilize those strategies by letting you create bundles with easy steps and offering them under a package deal.

Bundles for tennis court rentals
Reservation calendar for tennis court rentals

Availability Calendar with Scheduling System

The primary error that keeps occurring in reservations is double bookings. We implemented an availability calendar with an accurate scheduling system that gets updated in real-time based on the orders to avoid such instances.

For instance, if John reserves a tennis court for 3 hours next Friday, that period will be automatically locked out in the calendar system to avoid double bookings.

Contract Management System

The contract management system allows you to create your Terms & Conditions or Contract Forms to save your business from lawsuits and liability issues. That document informs your customers about your terms and gets their consent before the orders.

Once you create a contract, the system displays it to customers during checkout to confirm customer agreements through the checkbox method. Unless customers agree with the contract details, the system will not let them finalize the reservations.

Contract Management system for tennis courts
Squash court reservation quotes

Instant Bookings and Confirmations

The system automatically sends booking confirmation electronically when it approves the reservations. The confirmation emails include reservation details such as date, time, and customer information. Additionally, each booking will be synced with a built-in calendar system, making it easier to view your daily schedules.

Rewards System to Give Incentives to Tennis Enthusiasts

Rewards motivate people to do more business. Keeping that in mind, we included a reward system that distributes points to accounts based on customer spending. The system accumulates the points under individual accounts, and customers can exchange them for qualified items and services.

The system has flexible settings that enable you to set distribution density and point conversion rates and manually add points to accounts.

Rewards system for tennis court and equipment rentals
Order Management System for Tennis Court Rentals

Order Management System

The order management system helps you to reduce reservation processing time significantly and automates the paperwork process. You can view and retrieve reservation or booking details, customer information (e.g., billing information, contacts, and address), account balances, and payment details.

The system also lets you manually approve and cancel reservations, apply charges and discounts to accounts, update order statuses, change reservation timings, and send invoices, personalized messages, and payment requests to customers.

Fixed Hour Reservations

If you rent out tennis courts or equipment, you can offer them hourly rates. You can set up prices and taxes using simple tools.

Once specific hours on a calendar date are reserved, the system will lock those hours to prevent future reservations for the exact timings. It is too hard to make mistakes with Reservety.

tennis sellables

Ability to List Rental and Sellable Items

Whether renting out a tennis court and equipment or offering bookings for tennis games, you can list sellable items as an additional source of income.

For instance, the tennis court reservation system lets you list tennis rackets, balls, shoes, and other relevant accessories for sale. And feature them as related products during the checkout process.

Google Maps Integration

The system quickly adds your tennis courts to Google maps, making them easily discoverable online. For instance, when people search for nearby tennis courts or tennis gear rentals on Google, your location will be visible to searchers with your physical and web addresses.

Marketing tools for tennis court and equipment rentals

Marketing Tools with Reporting System

Reservety’s Tennis Reservation System is also convenient for running marketing campaigns. Several integration options and tools exist to create and distribute advertisement banners, newsletters, discount coupons, and other promotional items.

The system is also handy for generating reports on daily and monthly reservations and financial transactions to determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. You can also integrate your Tennis Reservation System with Google Analytics to determine your target group and keep track of visitor numbers.

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