Table Tennis Reservation System

Reservation System for Table Tennis Venues and Equipment Rentals

Reservety is a leading Rental Software and Reservation System provider which will enable you to rent out your table tennis courts and relevant equipment at hourly and daily rates and even sell tickets for your table tennis games electronically.

Reasons Why Everyone Loves Reservety

Relaxed and Friendly Customer Support

We do not time our customer support sessions, and we appoint one expert per account to assist and guide the clients until they are delighted.

Affordable Pricing

If you do some research, you will find that Reservety is the most affordable option in the market. Not only that, our Reservation system trumps other companies in terms of features counts and simplicity.

Ability to Manage on the Go

You can operate from any location by building your business with Reservety’s Table Tennis Reservation. You can still manage your business remotely through your PC, even on vacation or a business trip.

Here is How It Works

Website for table tennis reservations

Online Reservation Website with Over 200 Features

Firstly, Reservety’s table tennis reservation system gives you tools, templates, and a cloud-based hosting account to build your professional website, where you will serve your online customers.

On your new website, potential customers can reserve table tennis courts or buy e-tickets for games, communicate on-site, get instant quotes, and view your events and schedules through the availability calendar. Moreover, they can book seats or tables using popular payment solutions such as Visa, MasterCard,, PayPal, Square, and Stripe.

Online Booking and Reservation System

Whether you are a table tennis tournament organizer or a sporting facility that rents out individual tables to the public, Reservety will automate your reservations and bookings. The Reservation System lets your customers select table tennis courts, pick dates and hours from a calendar, and pay a deposit or full payment.

Similarly, the booking system lets your customers select a tournament and seating positions (e.g., front seat, back seat, VIP lounge, etc.) from the options menu and pay for the tickets using credit cards and e-wallets. As soon as Reservations and Bookings are confirmed, the system sends a confirmation email with order details.

Reservation system for table tennis

Ability to Serve Offline Customers

The best thing about Reservety is that it lets you serve online and offline customers. Your staff can enter manual reservations and bookings for in-store or over-the-phone clients by logging in to the system.

The system also handles both cash and check payments. Once you receive physical payments, you can manually apply that amount to a customer’s account.

Convenient Calendar System

Reservety’s Table Tennis Reservation System comes with a built-in calendar system. It syncs all the reservations and bookings with the central module in real time, allowing you and your customers to view the available tennis table courts per date and hour. The calendar system is the best way to avoid double bookings.

Calendar system for table tennis reservations
Checkout System for table tennis reservations

Customizable Checkout Pages

You can create user-friendly checkout pages to give the best user experience to your clients. Simple tools enable you to create input fields to obtain customer information such as contacts, addresses, and billing details.

Additionally, you can add an instant-quoting system, coupon code validator, photo galleries and videos, and many other features to your checkout pages.

eShop with Automatic Shipping and Tax Calculator

Our Reservation System lets you sell items and automatically charge shipping and taxes with simple steps. In the backend, you will list your sellable items with variations (e.g., size, color, type), assign prices for each variation, enter shipping methods with fees, and set area-based tax percentages.

After a successful launch, the e-shop section will let your customers choose items from your inventory, select shipping methods and destinations for automatic tax and shipping fees, and pay the total amounts online.

eCommerce system for table tennis
Order Management System for table tennis

Order Management System

Order Management System lets you perform all administrative tasks from a single location. You can view and retrieve order details, customer information, payment amounts, and account balances by accessing the system.

Moreover, you can approve and cancel orders, apply charges and discounts to accounts, change order statuses, send invoices and payment requests, enter manual orders, etc.

Upselling and Cross-selling Features

You can increase your revenues by offering additional products and upgrades. Reservety’s Table Tennis Reservation system enables you to show related products and promotions during checkout.

For example, if a customer reserves a tennis court for Sunday afternoon, between 4 pm and 6 pm, the system can offer two additional hours with a 50% discount or two courts with a 25% discount. Additionally, you can display related products such as nets, balls, bags, blades, cases, ball pickers, etc.

reward points system

Reward System

Do you want to reward your customers for being loyal and using your tennis courts consistently? Then you can reward them with a point that can be exchanged for products and services in the next sales.

The reward system lets you set point distribution rates based on spending amounts and assign exchange rates for each point. In other words, if customers spend $20, you can reward them with 1 point and set the conversion rate as one point=$1. The system will accumulate the points under the customer accounts.

Social Media Integrations

You can go viral with your table tennis courts and tournaments if you can effectively promote your business on popular social media platforms. Therefore, we included a simple integration mechanism to connect your Table Tennis business with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

Once you post something on your website, the system automatically shares the content across all social media platforms. You no longer need to post your events, schedules, photos, and newsletters one by one.

SEO tools

SEO Tools

One way to increase the visibility of your Table Tennis courts and tournaments is to buddy up with search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

Luckily, Reservety gives you simple tools to add your website to the search engines and improve your rankings for the keywords such as “Table Tennis courts near me,” “Table Tennis tournaments in [area],” etc.

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