Make Rentals Ridiculously Easy with SUP Booking System

Our standup pedal (SUP) booking system is quite easy to work with, which makes rental processing a cakewalk. Leverage our inventory management capabilities to bring unprecedented efficiency and performance to your small business.

Use SUP booking system to make rentals ridiculously easy
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Dispel Doubts of Your Customers with SMS Notifications

Send promotions and discounts to get more customers walking to your rental store. Our SUP booking system can make customers aware of the latest orders details by sending them all the necessary information via text. Also, these are automated and operate independently without manual interference.

Carve a Customer Rental Schedule to Manage Everything with Ease

Forget late and canceled orders due to busy schedules or missing inventory. With our SUP inventory management software, skip a particular date or period to avoid any issue. With this incredible feature in hand, you can work on your terms without worrying about negative feedback.

Rental Custom Schedule
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offer real time inventory insigh with our SUP booking system

Cast a Spell of Magic with Our SUP Booking System

Create awe-inspiring moments for customers by superbly displaying your entire inventory. With our free rental website, it is all possible that it is offered with our SUP inventory booking system at no extra cost. Forget the need for two different main websites and save additional maintenance costs.

Generate more sales with less effort by displaying relevant product recommendations to the customers. Our rental system provides complex or bundle product support to allow customers to rent products in bundle while paying only for their desired rental items.

While you dwell on any of the popular platforms, we can easily migrate you to our platform without the hassle and complete convenience. With our free and easy migration service, you can stay relaxed while we handle everything for you using our precision services.

Showcase inventory that is available among your existing resources to prevent double bookings. With our system, real-time availability rental items are quickly update once they become available to rent. So, reducing canceled orders due to resource scarcity.

Here's why our customers choose us

"Reservety helped our party rental business grow 3x faster by allowing our customers to book online and taking care of every aspect from payment to delivery!"

Eric Mayerson - Owner

It's easy to get started

And it's free. Two things everyone loves.

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