Indoor and outdoor sports reservation system

Convenient Reservation System for Indoor and Outdoor Sports

Are you offering courts, fields, and tracks for outdoor sports such as drag racing, soccer, and baseball, or indoor sports like basketball, karate, boxing, etc.? Reservety is the best reservation software to rent out your sports facilities online. It allows customers to reserve or book preferred facilities or fields in advance, paying with cash, credit cards, and electronic wallets.

Reservety Winning Features

Customizable Rental Inventory Reports

Invoices & Packing List with Custom Design

In-store, Phone, online and quote orders Support

Digital Contracts, E-Signatures, and Waivers

Pay online with Deposits or Pre-authorizations before rental dates

Customer Account with Memberships and Groups Support

Customizable emails and notifications

Stunning Website Design with Ecommerce support

Lighting fast and
Frustration free support

Reasons Why Reservety is the Best Choice

Quick Setup Process

You do not have to learn to code or possess the sophisticated technical knowledge to use our Reservation System. You can set up the system and go live within a few hours.

Over 200 Features

It may seem unrealistic to get all those features and tools for the lowest price in the industry. But it is true. We do not even stop there. Reservety custom-builds more features to meet your needs.

Customer-Centered Support

We value our customers as individuals and are determined to provide the best support possible to build a solid and long-lasting bond with our clients.

Things You Will Get

reservation website for indoor and outdoor sports

Professional Website with a Reliable Cloud Hosting

By purchasing Reservety’s Reservation System, you will get a complete package of tools and features that will enable you to build your online rental store for indoor and outdoor sports.

Through your new website, you can post crucial information about your sports facility (e.g., measurements, schedules, prices, and rules), create photo and video galleries, communicate with potential customers, and accept bookings from worldwide.

Booking System with the Ability to Select Courts and Fields Independently

Using the Reservety, you can add different prices for each sporting facility and field, depending on their size, furnishings, and other qualities. Plus, you can set tax percentages that will be automatically added to each booking.

On the front-end, customers can book or reserve facilities and fields for each calendar date and hour by paying a deposit or making full payment. After the successful booking process, the system will send your customer booking confirmation, which will serve as an electronic ticket. 

Booking system for sports facilities
rental calendar system

Calendar System to Track the Availability of Facilities

Your customer can check the availability of sports fields and facilities on your website by picking a date and hour on a calendar system.

The calendar system updates itself in real-time based on reservations & bookings to avoid double bookings. For example, if a particular facility is already reserved, the booking system will disable it until it is available again.

Order Management System

The system will minimize the burdens of administrative tasks because it allows you to approve or cancel orders, view customer information and order details, add new add-ons to existing orders, apply discounts to accounts, and update order statuses electronically.

The order management system is also handy for entering manual orders for in-store and over-the-phone clients and created professional invoices. Plus, it allows you to send direct messages and payment requests to selected clients.

Order Management System
Social Media Integration for Sport Facility Rentals

Integration with popular social media platforms

When you post the brightest moments or memorable scenes of your activities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and others, you will catch the attention of millions of users, who, in turn, may book your sporting facilities.

The integration will let you post the same content across all social media platforms with a single click. Also, it features a “share” button under your facilities and fields to let your customers share your events with their close ones.

Online Payment Processing

No matter what type of outdoor or indoor sports you offer, you need a reliable payment processing system. Over-the-phone payments or writing checks are no longer convenient solutions.

Reservety’s Indoors and Outdoors Sports Reservation System will allow you to accept payments from reputable payment solutions such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal,, Stripe, Square, and more. The system also lets you process cash payments from walk-in customers.

payment processor for sport facility rentals

Professional Invoicing System

You no longer need to create an invoice manually by calculating numbers by hand. Our reservation system lets you create professional invoices with your logo and digital signature. Then, it automatically puts the numbers on the invoices, depending on account balances. Once the invoices are ready, the system will send them to applicable customers through emailing system.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Tools

You must calculate revenues and expenses and file financial transactions and sales data to track your business’s progress. With proper bookkeeping, it will be easier to do audits or tax filings.

Keeping that in mind, Reservety lets you integrate the Reservation System with popular tools such as Quickbooks and Xero.

Reservety also has built-in accounting and reporting tools that allow you to print precise reports at any time.

integrating sport facility rentals with accounting tools
shop to sell sports equipment

Online Shop to Sell Sports-related Items

Apart from the reservations and bookings, do you want to sell items like t-shirts, sports memorabilia, balls, sporting gear, etc., on your website? No problem!

With Reservety, you can sell items, charge shipping fees and taxes, and even offer mileage-based delivery services.

Tools to Create Promotional Items

Spectators love promotions. You may know it if you are in the sports industry.

Using Reservety’s reservation system, you can create banners, discount coupons, gift vouchers, and newsletters to attract greater attention to your events. Plus, thanks to the bulk emailing system, you can send those promotions to your customers within minutes.

Marketing tools
live chat for rental businesses

Live Chat System to Provide Real-time Support

We firmly believe that sporting reservations require enhanced communication. Some of your clients may want to ask questions or clarify certain things.

Reservety’s Indoor and Outdoor Sports Reservation system deploys a Live Chat system on your website to eliminate lengthy holds on a phone and inefficient back-and-forth emailing. You can provide customer support and exchange files such as invoices, IDs, and even electronic tickets through the system.

Google Maps Integration

Our reservation system adds your indoor and outdoor sports facilities to Google Maps to make them easily discoverable on Search Engines, business maps, and listings.

For example, if a client wants to take his children to play baseball, they will first search “baseball fields in [city/town name]” on Google. So, if your sports facility is on Google Maps, it will automatically appear in the search results.

adding sports facility to Google Maps

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