Rental Software with SmartLock and KeyPad Integrations

Growth requires innovations that create conveniences for customers. The word “convenience” in the rental industry refers to easy booking and rental processes. Therefore, Reservety’s team of experts implemented smart locker and key box integrations into their Rental Software to make the booking experience convenient, secure, and enjoyable.

How does it work?

Keyless entry

You will buy and install SmartLocks, Keypads, or Padlocks from one of the supported companies such as Igloohomes, TTlocks, or Nuki. Integrate them to your rental business through Reservety and start sending out access codes automatically after successful online bookings. No more key deliveries or collections!

Why SmartLock and Keypad Integration important for Rental Businesses?

It allows you to manage your rental properties remotely.

Remote keypad

Let’s assume you have several cabins or cottages for rent in multiple locations. We all know that cabins are considered perfect gateways to relax. However, managing remote cabins will be quite challenging, considering that you need to hand down the keys to each renter individually. The process is not convenient for cabin owners or renters.

Reservety eliminates that challenge by integrating products that give out temporary access codes or electronic keys after successful bookings. In other words, customers will select a cabin from your website, book them for specific dates, pay for them electronically, and instantly receive an access code to enjoy the cabins. No more time-consuming key transfers or lengthy holds for clients.

Minimal Administrative tasks for owners.

Keyless Entry app

Fewer administrative tasks mean lower expenses or more free time for owners as they will be managing their rental properties on autopilot without hiring additional staff for official paperwork.

However, autopilot does not mean a lack of control. In fact, Reservety gives greater control over your rental prosperities as it schedules and tracks the inventory and property usage more accurately. For example, if George books one of your fishing cabins for the weekend, the system will deliver a temporary access code electronically, and he will be able to use the key for only the valid duration indicated in the bookings. Once his time is up, the access code will reset itself, preventing intrusions or unauthorized access.

Works in Remote Areas that do not have internet access.

Keyless entry functionalities

Reservety’s SmartKey or keypad integrations work perfectly in areas without internet coverage. It will make perfect sense if we return to the cabin example. Reservety integrates your business with top-of-the-notch technologies developed by Igloohomes, Nuki, and TTlocks, which offers a wide range of locks, keypads, padlocks, and more. You can use those products to secure your rental premises and equipment and detect intrusions and unauthorized access in a heartbeat.

Ability to monitor who comes in and out from the door

Smart Key Benefits

When Reservety integrates your business with NUKI, your customers can open and close your rental properties doors with their smartphones. As an owner, you can monitor who comes in and out from the door through the special dashboard. Your rental buildings deserve higher security and safety, and now you have a chance to make it real with Reservety.

Shareable Keys for every family member

shareable keys for rental keypads

Each member may need a key if you rent out apartments for families or sporting facilities for athletes. Once you integrate your rental apartments with smart locks and keypads, that issue is gone. Renters can share their electronic keys with other members to open the doors independently. You can assign admins for each order so they can freely manage their keys or codes.

It lets you keep a perfect balance between Security and Convenience.

Rental Keypad Notifications

Reservety’s Rental Software with Smart Lock integration lets you keep your rental properties safe, and your customers secure while giving them the utmost convenience. For instance, if one of your renters forgets to lock the doors, the system automatically locks it after a certain period, minimizing the risk of burglars getting into your properties. Additionally, the system activates security lockout and sends notifications if someone tries to hack into the locks. Long story short, your Reservety’s Smartlock integration will give you peace of mind.

Keyless entry and fewer locksmith expenses 

Rental Keyless Entry code

Keyless entries are becoming more popular in the rental industry as a self-serve strategy is convenient for customers. For instance, if you rent indoor and outdoor sports facilities, cabins, mobile homes, apartments, or any other properties that may require locks, you can secure them with keyless entry and streamline their access through Reservety. And you can avoid clients losing keys to the facilities and acquiring expenses for making duplicate keys.

Lock up more than buildings

SmartKey Unlock for Rentals

You can use Reservety’s SmartKey-integrated Software to manage more than rental buildings and apartments. You can also use smart padlocks for bike and scooter rentals, Keypads for Indoor and Outdoor sports facilities, and key boxes to securely store physical keys for rental premises or equipment.

Protect privacy with self-serve strategies.

Ensuring privacy with keyless entry

Once customers book apartments, cabins, or any other facilities or products, by signing electronic contracts and paying with a credit card and e-wallet, you are obliged to grant them access to the rented properties. Wouldn’t it be cool to give them an access code upon successful booking so they can use the places privately?

Ready to Open Thousands of Doors with Reservety?

You can literally open up your doors to rental properties while sitting in your cozy office and monitor the entrance activities on your dashboard as Reservety integrates your rental business with Smart Keys, Padlocks, and Key boxes. You no longer need to track your physical keys, worry about someone duplicating keys for ill intentions, or spend endless time delivering and collecting keys.

It is the perfect time to innovate your rental business with a revolutionary All-in-One Rental Software developed by the industry’s brightest minds. Start your 14-day Free Trial today and experience the convenience you and your customers will love.

Please note: The Rental SmartKeys feature is undergoing final tests to make it perfect for your needs. Stay updated and be the first to use it as soon as it comes out.

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