Rental Software for movie and theatre props

Rental Software for Movie and Theater Props with Online Booking System

Are you a startup or successful business designing and renting movie props to entertainment companies or amateur movie producers? What a brilliant business model. Now, you need Reservety's Rental Software to streamline your business and grow your revenues.The software lets you manage an inventory of props, list them for online bookings with prices; accept online payments; manage orders and reservations, and engage in marketing activities from your computer.

Why Reservety?

Freedom to Manage Your Business from Any Location

Did you want to go somewhere nice for a vacation, but the daily management of your business prevented it from happening? Luckily, you can solve that problem with Reservety because it allows you to manage all rental activities remotely from a PC.

Friendly Customer Service

Every time you need assistance, you will be dealing with experienced specialists—no robots or instruction scripts. Thanks to our customer-centered support, we consistently achieve 100% satisfaction from our clients. Need proof? Just contact us with any questions!

Free Website Migration

Do you already have a website, but it does not have enough essential functions or features? Then, it is time to move to Reservety. Our experts will help you migrate your website to our cloud-based platform seamlessly, free of charge.

Features Included in the Software

Website for prop rentals

Cloud-Based Website to Serve Online Customers

As part of the rental software package, Reservety gives you a cloud-based hosting account, tools, and templates to build your professional website.

Your new website will allow you to showcase your movie and theater props to thousands of online customers, connect with potential customers through a live chat system, and accept bookings and reservations online.

Inventory Management System

If you have thousands of items in your inventory, it will be challenging to track their availability manually. You may need to make a back-and-forth trip to the warehouse when someone requests a specific prop.

Luckily, Reservety automates inventory management. Once you add all of your rental items to the digital warehouse under unique serial numbers, you will be able to view each inventory’s usage and availability through the software. Plus, you can update stocks; add or remove items; add special notes or photo galleries for inventories, and sync the inventory information with the availability calendar to avoid double bookings.

payment and invoicing tools for prop rentals

Online Payments with Convenient Invoicing

Reservety enables you to accept payments from popular companies such as Visa, MasterCard,, PayPal, Square, Stripe, and others. Once the payments are approved, the system will instantly update the customer balances.

The software also lets you create professional invoices with your digital signature and logo. You do not have to type the amounts into the invoices because the system does all the calculations and inputs numbers automatically based on the account balances.

Order Management System

Using the order management system, you can update order statuses, change payment balances, and view or modify customer information such as address and billing.

Additionally, you can approve or cancel orders; set due dates for payments; email payment requests; view time-based transactions and order history; enter manual orders; apply charges and discounts, etc.

Order Management System for Prop Rentals
Contract Management System for Prop Rentals

Contract Management System

To operate on legal grounds and avoid costly lawsuits, you must disclose your rental conditions and have your customers agree to them before finalizing the sale.

Reservety’s contract management system lets you create a Terms & Conditions page and displays it during the checkout process, requiring customers to “read and agree” with the terms before making the payments.

Availability Calendar

Once a customer books a prop, the system automatically turns that item off from the online store until it is returned. The in-built calendar displays a list of available movie and theater props for each date and hour. And it also allows you to block certain days and hours from booking, which is incredibly convenient for stopping rentals on holiday seasons and off days.

availability calendar for prop rentals
Checkout System for Prop rentals

Convenient Pricing Options and Instant Quoting System

The first thing customers want to see is prices. So, Reservety gives you the tools to price your rental items with variations and add shipping methods and taxes.

The quoting system will automatically calculate the total costs and display it on the checkout page once a customer picks an item, selects rental duration from a calendar, and indicates their delivery destination. The taxes will be applied to quotes depending on the area-based tax percentages.

Coupon Code Processor

Reservety’s Rental Software for Movie Props lets you create discount coupons and distribute them to applicable customers using the built-in emailing system.

You can also deploy a coupon code processor on the checkout page, so your customers can apply valid coupons on their next purchases. The system automatically subtracts the discounts from the total amounts if it successfully confirms the coupon.

Coupon code processor for rental businesses
SEO tools for prop rentals

SEO Tools

Do you want to be found on Google when potential customers search for keywords such as “Movie prop rentals near me” or “Theater prop rental in [area]”?

Then, you can employ Reservety’s SEO package, which allows you to add meta titles, descriptions, and tags to your online store and add your business to popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

Promotional Tools

To help you increase your orders, Reservety allows you to create popup banners, catalogs, newsletters, and discount coupons and deliver them to customers through bulk SMS and email campaigns. You can also set up your own affiliate marketing to motivate people to refer their friends and family to your movie/theater prop rentals.

social media tools for prop rentals

Integrations with Google Maps and Analytics

Do you want your rental business to appear on Google Maps when people search for nearby prop rentals? Luckily, you can do that with Reservety. Adding your business to Google maps will help you appear on most maps and business listings, as most places use Google Maps as a source.

The software also allows you to integrate your business with Google Analytics. The analytical tools help you view your daily, weekly, and monthly visitors, traffic sources and locations, and their demographic information such as age, gender, race, nationality, etc.

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