4 Ways to Promote Your Inflatable Rental Website

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Promoting your inflatable rental business is not easy when starting with party rentals. Inflatables are fun, and everyone loves them. And people are looking for them every time. But the question is how to get those customers to land on your rental website.

This post discusses different ways to promote your inflatable rental business. And how you can use those ideas to your advantage.

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How to Promote Your Inflatable Rental Website (Simple Tips)

1. Customers are Online

Set up Online Presence which is critical to rental business success

People are spending time online. And they love the convenience and comfort of sitting on the couch and ordering their favorite pair of shoes or booking a movie ticket right on their phone. It is instant magic! And they can save a lot of time.

It is why e-commerce retail sales are predicted to grow to 768 billion US dollars by 2025.

What does this mean for you?

It means customers are spending time and money online. And if you are looking to tap into those customers, your online business presence is critical.

How to Develop Online Presence

– Write and Share Stories Content Your Customers Love
– Develop Omnipresence across all social medial channels
– Make Online Communities and Invite People to Join
– Make use of Email marketing
– Use Advance Marketing Techniques like SEO, GMB, and Paid Ads
– Create Video Content
– Start Taking Bookings Online

With Reservety – Online rental and booking store, customers are able to grow 27 x faster than a normal in-person rental business.

Reservety Inflatable Rental Website Real-time Calendar Screenshot

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2. Expand Marketing Horizons

Expand Marketing Horizons by Using Advance Marketing Techniques

Printing leaflets and distributing them offline is kinda old school advertising, online and offline, isn’t enough to Promote Your Inflatable Rental Website. It would be best if you emphasize marketing the new way.

How about marketing on Facebook, Google, or other people’s websites.

This is a brilliant way to get in front of thousands of customers.

3. Customer Relationship

customer relationship

You cannot undermine the importance of the customer relationship. Maintaining and nurturing relationships with customers allows you to expand your customer base and grow profit over time. But it can be challenging to do it with some traditional methods of using feedback forms and cold calling.

An intelligent way to maintain customer relationships is by incorporating a CRM tool into your business. A CRM tool gives you complete details about your customer order history, their contact details, allows you to take feedback, and communicates with them instantly.

Inflatable Rental Software Reservety got all the tools to foster a strong relationship with your customers.

On Reservety,  Orders > Order Management Page

You can talk to customers and send them instant information about their ongoing orders and can send them important documents.

Reservety Communication Tools

4. Competitive Pricing

Party rentals are getting competitive. Customers want good quality party rental equipment at competitive pricing.

Well, there are many strategies to price your equipment right and at competitive pricing. But, you can use these simple ways to calculate your equipment rental pricing.

We made it simple on Reservety to enter pricing. And you can enter variable pricing for different scenarios.

For example, you can add hourly, weekly, daily, and monthly prices at the same time. Plus, you can add prices for additional periods as well.

Pricing Addition on Reservety

An organized business is an eminent business

Competitive Pricing

Last but not least, a firm that seems to be consistently held is a business that earns the correct name in the customers’ hearts. Ensure that your business has all the folds untangled and that your services are on time so that the number of referrals and recommendations will increase.

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