Padel Reservation System

Padel Reservations System to Automate Court and Equipment Rentals

Are you offering Padel courts or equipment for rent? If so, we have created an all-in-one Padel reservation system for your business. It will help showcase your services and events to online customers, accept online reservations and bookings, and process cash and electronic payments.

Reservety Winning Features

Customizable Rental Inventory Reports

Invoices & Packing List with Custom Design

In-store, Phone, online and quote orders Support

Digital Contracts, E-Signatures, and Waivers

Pay online with Deposits or Pre-authorizations before rental dates

Customer Account with Memberships and Groups Support

Customizable emails and notifications

Stunning Website Design with Ecommerce support

Lighting fast and
Frustration free support

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Over 200 Features

We packed almost every feature that will be essential for your padel business. And you are getting all of those for an unbelievably low price.

Free Migrations and Unmatchable Customer Support

Do you already own a website? No problem; we will seamlessly migrate it to our platforms for free. Also, we are assigning one expert per account to provide outstanding customer support.

100% Responsive

Our Padel Reservation System makes your website accessible by most devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. Do not let simple things hold you from great opportunities.

The Following Features Come
as Part of the System

Website for Padel Reservations

Cloud-based Reservation Store

The system comes with a package full of tools, templates, and integration options to allow you to create a professional website through which you can serve thousands of online customers. The web-building process does not require a hosting account, as you will build your Padel Reservation system on our reliable cloud-based platforms.

On your new website, you can showcase Padel courts and equipment with rental rates, electronic tickets for padel tournaments, sell padel-related items, communicate with potential customers, and do many other tasks.

Convenient Calendar System

The calendar system displays schedules and reservations of padel courts and equipment for each date and hour to avoid double bookings. The calendar will also display available tickets per event if you use the system to sell electronic tickets.

The system is fully synced with the central module, and when reservations and bookings are registered, they will be reflected on the calendar in real time.

calendar system for padel court rentals
Reservation system for padel court rentals

Reservation and Booking System

With Padel Reservation System, you can display your courts with attractive photo galleries and hourly rates. On the other hand, online customers can select the padel court options, indicate their desired date and hour, and reserve them online by paying either a deposit or full payment.

Suppose you are going to use the system to sell game tickets. In that case, you can list your electronic tickets for each event, set different prices for each seating position (e.g., front seat, corner seat, back seat, etc.), accept online bookings, and deliver the tickets electronically after successful payments.

Online Payment Processing and Professional Invoicing

Reservety enables you to accept payments from Visa, MasterCard,, PayPal, Square, Stripe, and other popular payment solutions. Once the payments are approved, the system will instantly update the customer balances.

It also lets you create professional invoices with your electronic signature and logo. Also, you do not have to type the amounts into the invoices because the system automatically does all the calculations and inputs based on the account balances.

Payment processor for padel rentals
Order Management System for Padel Rentals

Order Management System with the Ability to Serve Walk-in Clients

Order Management System allows you to complete all order-related tasks from a single location. For example, by accessing the system, you can approve and cancel reservations and bookings, view order details and customer information, update order statuses, apply additional charges and discounts to accounts, extend rental periods, and send payment requests.

The system also enables you to serve in-store and over-the-phone clients. For example, if in-store clients want to rent your padel courts immediately, you can process their request by entering manual orders through an office computer.

Customizable Checkout Pages

Our Reservation System lets you be creative with your checkout pages. Using various tools, you can design checkout pages to match your preference and add input fields to obtain vital information such as customer address, contacts, billing details, etc. You can also display shipping, tax calculators, and related products on your checkout pages.

Integrating bike rentals with Google Maps

Integrations with Google Maps and Analytics

Do you want your Padel business to appear in Google Maps when people search for nearby padel courts or equipment? Luckily, you can do that with Reservety. Adding your business to Google maps will help you appear on other maps and business listings, as most of those places use Google Maps as a source.

Padel Reservation System also allows you to integrate your business with Google Analytics. The analytical tools help you view your daily, weekly, and monthly visitors, their geographic locations, and their demographic information such as age, gender, race, nationality, etc.

Contract Management System

To avoid liability issues caused by padel court injuries, protect your properties from damages, and disclose your business terms in advance, you need to have a Terms & Conditions document.

With Reservety, it is super easy to create T&C and have your customers sign it online. The contract management system displays the document during the checkout process and does not let the customer proceed with the payments unless they agree with the terms by putting a checkmark.

Contract Management System for padel rentals
Up-selling and cross-selling features for padel rentals

Up-selling and Cross-selling Features

Most online businesses use upselling and cross-selling features to improve their revenues, and Reservety gives you that opportunity. The system automatically recommends customers book the courts for additional hours with a discount during the Reservation process. For example, if Joan reserves the padel court for 2 hours, the system will offer extra 2 hours with a 50% discount.

Cross-selling feature will help you display related products during the checkout process to persuade customers to shop for more items.

Bulk SMS and Emailing Tools

If you have updates, you no longer need to send an individual message to each padel fan. Using our system, you can send updates and notifications to your clients with a single click, thanks to Bulk SMS and Emailing tools.

Email Marketing for Padel Court and Equipment Rentals
Coupon code processor for padel courts

Coupon Code Processor

Reservety’s Padel Reservation system lets you create discount coupons and distribute them to applicable customers using its built-in emailing system.

You can also deploy a coupon code validator on the checkout page, so your customers can apply valid coupons in their subsequent purchases. The system automatically subtracts the discounts from the total amounts if the validator confirms the coupon.

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