Mobility Scooters Rental Business based in Orlando, Florida.

Special Features:

  • Daily/Hourly Rental with Pickup/Delivery to Hotels
  • Rent to Own
  • Leasing Features

AV Rental Business based in Portland, US using Reservety to take both online and in-store reservations. 

Special Features:

  • Per product damage waiver
  • integration
  • Weekend pricing excluded from total price of the rental


Baby Gear/Toys Rental Business based in Tangerang, Indonesia using Reservety to take online Reservations.

Special Features:

  • Audit order for checking how staff members are updating order statuses
  • Has its own trucks and uses Detrack Routing Integration for deliveries
  • Special fields for photo ID and pickup locations
  • Midtrans, Xendit Integration


Amusement Park based in Louissiana, US using Reservety to take both online and in-store reservations and tickets

Special Features:

  • Sell Tickets with barcode
  • Sell regular products
  • Hourly based reservations with different availability based on week days, different add-ons like pizza or additional number of guests
  • Mileage Calculation Shipping
  • Square POS integration
  • Email Newsletter and Email Marketing Integration
  • Coupons and Gift Vouchers
  • Logo Design


Adventure travel gear company based in Savoyard using Reservety to rent hiking, trekking, and travel gears.

Special Features:

  • Complex bundles and lot of variations


Clothing Rental Business and Movie Equipment Business based in South Carolina, US using Reservety to take online Reservations.

No Special Features


Baby Equipment and Baby-Sitting Services based in US using Reservety to take online reservations

Special Features:

  • Multi Conditional Fields Forms


Scooter Parts Online Store and Scooter Rental Business based in Romania, in-store only rentals

Special Features:

  • SEO optimized 1st page for most keywords

Baby and beach Equipment Rental Business based in Hawai, US

Special Features:

  • Logo Design
  • Bundle Kits

Infatable rental company based in Brookfield, Connecticut using Reservety to offers inflatables and party equipment.

Special Features:

  • Rent to Own
  • Leasing Features

Tennis booking facility in Romania. Club with sports facilities, tennis court, and shop.

Special Features:

  • Membership
  • Subscription with recurring payments

Advevnture and outdoor sports business based in New Mexico, United States. Reservety helps them to accept bookings and payments based on their fixed length booking window.

Special Features:

  • Pricing based on schedule
  • Product bundles with special pricing

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