Marketing etiquette: 6 basic rules

You work hard to see your online business successful, and you want to provide the best for your clients. You come up with new ideas, new products, new offers, you advertise and promote and send newsletters, but can it ever be too much? Here are the main do’s and don’ts when your promote your online rental store.

Don’t send multiple daily newsletters

Let’s say your clients subscribed to receive newsletters from your website. Does this mean they want to have multiple e-mails from your website every day? Probably not. A valuable newsletter every few days or weekly is more than enough, and it needs to have substance.

Apart from letting them know about your offers, you can add some valuable information, a fun article or some new things that they should keep an eye on. They should be interested to read it every time; if they are not, they will probably mark it as spam which may drastically reduce your ability to get new orders.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

100% money back if not satisfied? Delivery in the same day? 50% discount on all products during the weekend? They all sound amazing and they can bring you plenty of new orders for your online store…as long as they are real.

Clients don’t appreciate being mislead, therefore if you have an online rental store for baby products and you promise that you will deliver that baby crib in the same day, you better make sure you are able to do it. Otherwise you will lose your clients and eventually your reputation.

Don’t be involved in bad publicity

While you should be happy every time someone is talking about your store, you should not be happy when you are involved in a misunderstanding or a client is unsatisfied with your service. Unlike celebrities, there is something called bad publicity when it comes to your online rental store, and you don’t want to be in the middle of it.

If there is an unpleasant situation that somehow gets public, make sure to solve it as soon as possible, as delicate as possible and as fair as possible. Do it publicly so potential clients can see that you run a client oriented business and that you do your best to keep your customers happy.

Do get involved in charity events

We know that charity events cost you money and time and it’s not always easy to go out of your way to support a cause. However, this is not only helpful for the community, but it is also a great way to get publicity without trying and to promote your online business.

Besides, everyone loves brands that get involved in charity events, so it is a great way to market a new product or service.

Do create contests for your customers

If you feel that your online rental platform is not as popular as you’d want it to be, an online contest is the best way to gain some popularity. If you want to keep things simple, just ask for a share on a social media platform to enter the contest; if you want to take things further, you also have to offer a bigger compensation. People are willing to do fun things such as short videos or fun pictures with your brand, as long as the prize is big enough.

Needless to say, you have to make sure that whoever wins the contest will get their prize immediately, so people will continue to have trust in your brand.

Do keep in touch with your clients

And by this I mean follow-up as often as possible and make sure that they are completely satisfied with your service. Even when everything seems to go well and they return the product and it’s a done deal, it does not hurt to send them an e-mail or a call and ask them if they have any feedback or what things they think you could improve.

A little consideration for your clients goes a long way, and it’s always easy to be successful when you take the human part of your business into consideration.


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