How to promote your online rental store?

Online businesses are very popular nowadays, so there is no wonder that more and more entrepreneurs prefer to have a professional website instead of a physical store. Even so, when you take the big step and you go online, there are many marketing techniques that you need to apply in order to create your own client base.

Join the party!

And by this, I mean literally. Depending on what kind of products you offer in your online rental store, you can join (or assign someone to do it) any party where people may be interested in your products. It is a great way to promote your new online business, to find out more about what your clients want and of course, to offer some promotional discounts.

Print some flyers in advance and assign them a promotional code; in this way you can offer your clients that were at the party a small discount, as a “thank you” for trying out your business.

Use Social Media

Social Media is one of the most effective marketing tools and you can reach thousands of potential clients in a matter of seconds. Of course, for this you have to promote your online store constantly and to offer valuable content that can bring visitors to your platform.

To gain popularity on Social Media, it is recommended to create an account for your online store on every platform there is, and make sure you engage with your visitors as often as you can. Share articles, pictures, promotions, ways to use the products that you offer and news that could be interesting to your clients. Do this constantly and you can easily gain some new clients.

Use a referral system

If you already have some loyal customers but you want more, you can use a referral system. In other words, every time your clients bring you a new customer that makes a purchase in your store, they get a small discount code together with the new client. In this way, two clients get a small discount, you get a new name in your client’s base and everyone is happy.

Offer seasonal discounts and promotions

4th of July, Christmas, Easter or Halloween; these are great occasions to get new clients. It is easy to create a themed promotion or to offer discounts for this period of time. Many people are looking for gifts during the holidays or they are organizing parties where they would happily use rented products. Don’t hesitate to share the promotions and discounts that you offer during this time on every Social Media platform as well as in newsletters.

Paid partnerships can bring you new clients

Online influencers have a lot of followers that may be interested in your products. A paid partnership may be beneficial for both of you, as you will pay them to promote one of your products or your entire platform, and you will get plenty of new customers.

Before you get in a paid partnership, make sure they have the type of followers that would be interested in your products; there is no point to present your baby chair to people who don’t have children.

Even with all this, probably the best way to promote your products is to offer high-quality, client-oriented services. With time, the reputation of your website will be enough to bring you new clients.


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