How to display products in your online rental store? Tips and tricks

When you think about an online rental store, you don’t think that it is too different from a physical one. You display your products, your clients check them out and if they are happy with what they see, they rent them for a specific period of time in similar conditions. While this may be the main idea, there are still many tips&tricks to consider in order to have a successful online rental store.

Take professional pictures

Many store owners don’t realize how important it is to take good pictures of their products. When you have a physical store, the client has the chance to see and touch the products and they can easily figure out in seconds if this is what they need. However, with an online store, the picture is all that matters, therefore you have to invest some money and time into this.

A professional picture will not only show the real look of the product that you want to promote, but also things that are usually missed in average pics, like the texture of a certain material or how it looks in artificial or natural light. Don’t hesitate to pay a bit more for professional pictures, as it will make a difference in the end.

Write an accurate description

And by this, I don’ t mean that you only have to describe the product accurately. When you have a physical store you have the chance to talk directly to the client and promote your product in a chat that can last for a few minutes. When it comes to an online store, this chat is replaced by your client reading the description that you wrote, therefore you have to give your best.

How can this product make a difference? What are its qualities and how it can help your client? What experience other clients had with this product and why you recommend it? Away from the technical details, you have to write a few lines that can convince the client to rent this specific product from your store.

Pay attention to how you organize the products

When you have a lot of products to display, it is important to organize them in a professional way so your clients can find in a matter of seconds what they are looking for. There are many online stores that list their products without putting them in the right category; this is not only making your website look unprofessional, but it will also reduce the number of your clients. No one wants to spend precious minutes searching for products in the wrong category.

Similarly, make sure the layout of your website makes the product easy to find. Most of the clients are expecting some kind of logic arrangement of the products or the ability to arrange them based on filters or keywords.

Use colors and pictures to take your client’s attention

In a physical store, you don’t have many chances to direct your customer’s attention in the direction you want; sure, you can place a product strategically in the store, but that’s about it. However, there are so many tools that you can use when you have an online store.

You can place small animated pictures next to a product, a moving sign saying it’s on discount or a pop-up notifying your clients about the latest promotions. In this way you can easily increase the sales for a specific product or bring attention over a category that is not as popular as you’d want it to be.

Make the reviews visible

Assuming that most of the reviews that you will get from your customers are positive, it is worth displaying them in a place where they can easily be seen by prospective clients. This will help your clients have more trust in your products, and it will help them understand how this specific product can help them based on other opinions.

Also, it shows your clients that you have nothing to hide, and that you take pride in the nice experience that other clients have in your store.

Provide all the details next to the product

On the main page of the product, before writing a description or presenting an offer, it is recommended to write in a simple way all the technical details of a product. In this way your clients won’t have to waste time searching for the length of a product or if it comes with batteries. Make it simple and clear and both of you will benefit from this.

Keep in mind that your clients have high expectations from your online rental store, and you have to offer them the best experience. Even if it’s just an online store, make them feel welcome from the first second!


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