Reservety Help



Working with Barcodes

The Barcode feature allows you to generate quick barcodes for orders and print them to place them as shipping labels, e-tickets, packaging labels, and other things. Barcodes for orders are helpful in check-in and checkout process.

Important: If you don’t see the barcode feature enable, please get it enabled by contacting us on support or Glip.

How to Enable Barcodes

To enable barcodes, go to settings > store. 

Check the enable barcode box.

Choosing Barcode Type

In Settings > Store

From the Barcode type dropdown, choose the available barcode type

Currently available barcodes are

Code39, Code91, Code128, Data Matrix, and QR Code

Choosing Barcode Color

From the barcode colors field, enter the hex color code for your desired barcode color.