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Adding Products with Variations

An item with variations is completely different from simple products. The variations would generally include the size, color, dimensions, battery capacity, power, or others. Before you can add a variable item, you would need to create the attributes first. To create a variable item, follow the steps below.

 1. Go to Items > Add Item Attributes

 2. Enter New Attribute ‘Name’ and Click ‘Add attribute’ Button

 3. Click ‘Attribute’ to create values

Note: Make sure you click on the attribute, not on the ‘edit’.

4. Add Values For Each Variations

Lastly add values. For example, add individual values for size – Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. You have to enter individual value each time and then click on the ‘Add new value‘ button.

5. Adding Variable Product

New we have created all the attributes. Go to items > Add New.

6. Add Item Name, Description, and Images

Enter a title for item, description, and add product images. Assign to a category from the bottom right.

7. Make it a variable item

Select ‘variable product’ from the drop-down in the product data section.

8. Add Attributes to item

9. Add Values for Variations

After adding the attributes – link values are used for variations. You call add all values at once by clicking on ‘select all’ and to add more click ‘add new’

Note: Make sure to check the box ‘Used for variations

Finally, click ‘Save attributes’

10. Linking variations

Next got to the variations tab. Select ‘create variations from all attributes’ if you want to create variation combinations for all attributes or do it one by one by selecting ‘add variation’. Then click the ‘Go button’ on top.

11. Add details for each variations

Select a default value for the item from a drop-down (it will show up by default on the product) Now add values to individual variations like image, stock quantity, and SKU. Make sure to add value for each item.

Note: Don’t Forget to Click the ‘Save changes’ button at the bottom.

10. Adding Pricing

Finally, add bookable pricing. Add period for example –

1hour = ‘1h’
1minute = ‘1m’
1day = ‘1d’
1Month = ‘1M’
1year = ‘1y’

Now pricing Example:

Period:1d  Pricing: $100

Finally, hit the publish button.

11. Adding Different Bookable Pricing

For Example: If you have products with variations A, B, and C and pricing of 40,60, and 80 per day.

Enter Bookable pricing – $100 / day (that is easy to calculate discount)

To enter pricing for variations:


Variation A: 40/day
Variation B: 60/day
Variation C: 80/day

Enter Discount as Percentage: (considering price $100 as 100%)

Add Discount 

Variation A: 60
Variation B: 40
Variation C: 20