Reservety Help


Website Design

Add/Edit Slider

Create a beautiful and stunning website by adding a slider to your website. Use elementor to create and edit the beautiful sliders on Reservety. 

Add Slider

 1. Go to Pages

Go to website designer > website pages

 2. Edit Home Page

Find ‘home’ page and click ‘edit with elementor’

3. Add a Section

Add a section by clicking the ‘+’ icon

4 . Choose Structure

Choose 1 column structure as we want a full-size slider

5 . Add Slideshow

To add a slider, click on the ‘+’ icon in the middle of section and search for ‘slideshow’ from the search bar in the left panel. And then drag and drop in the section

5 . Add Content to Slider

Click on slide 1 on the left panel to reveal the additional settings

6 . Edit Content and Add Image

Edit the content on the left for each slider. To add an image click the ‘image’ icon in background selection. You can also add a video instead of an image in the slider. You have to add images for each slider. To Remove a slide click the x icon on the top of each slide.

7 . Upload Image In Each Slide

Click the image section and then upload an image of your choice. Add images to each slide similarly.

8. Adjusting Slider Height

To adjust slider height hide the sliders section by clicking on it and then clicking the layout option. Finally, enter the minimum height for your slider.

9. Change Navigation Type

Again hide the layout option and select the navigation section to start choose navigation type – arrows, dots, or both.

10. Save Slider

To save Slider. Click the green ‘update’ button at the bottom left.

Edit Slider

1. Go to Website Pages

Go to website designer > website pages

2. Edit Home

Find “home” Page and click edit with elementor

3. Edit Slider

To edit the slider, place your mouse cursor on the top right corner and click on it. 

4. Edit Slide

After clicking on the edit, the slide set will show up on the left panel.

To edit each slide, click on slide 1, slide 2, slide 3, and then make changes for each slide.

5. Replace Image

To replace the image, click on the image and then upload and insert your new image.

Adjust your image from size menu.

6. Adjusting Slider Height

Click on the slider menu to hide settings. And then scroll down to see height option

Change additional settings from slider options.

7. Changing Content on Slider 

To change content on the individual slides or button links. Click the slide and then click the Content tab to find additional settings. Make changes here

8. Save Changes

Save changes by clicking the Green Update button on the bottom right.