Reservety Help



Setting Up Taxes

Easily collect taxes from customers with simple or complex tax calculation methods in your rental store with Reservety.

 1. Go to Store

 2. Enable Taxes

In the general tab, scroll down to find the ‘Enable Taxes’ box. check mark to enable.

 3. Go to Tax Tab

Now go to the tab and click on the Tax tab to start entering the tax rate. 

4. Select Price Type

Select whether you will add prices for the item with or without tax. This will enable the system to calculate taxes based on different selections.

5. Calculate Tax based on Address

Scrolling down further choose if you want to charge taxes based on customer billing address, shipping address, or shop base address.

6. Choose Shipping Tax Class

Select the tax class to be applied on shipping from the dropdown. By default is set to standard rate.

7. Add Additional Tax Class (Optional)

You can add additional tax class to charge different items with different tax rate. or charge based on location. Add new values in additional tax class. It will open up new tabs for new tax classes, thus, allowing you to enter tax rate for these classes.

8. Choose how to display prices

Choose how to display prices in shop with or without tax.

9. Check how to display Taxes

Choose whether you want to display taxes per each item ‘Itemized’ or as a one single total on the checkout or cart

10. Save Settings

Click ‘Save changes’ button to save the settings

11. Go to Standard Tab

Scroll all the way to the top and click on the standard tab to enter the tax rate.

12. Enter Tax Rate

Now enter the tax rate percentage in ‘Rates %” field, add tax name, and check the box for shipping if you want to apply taxes on shipping. Leave other fields empty unless you want to add taxes for different regions.

13. Publish

Publish settings by clicking on ‘Save changes’ button