Reservety Help


Shipping/Delivery Setup

Because reservety allows both selling and renting, shipping is often referred also as delivery.

Setup shipping/delivery methods based on the address entered by customers. Choose from either billing or shipping address.

You can set up free shipping/delivery, flat rate, pickup, or distance/time-based shipping/delivery and even restrict customers from a certain area/zip-code only to checkout. 

To setup delivery by distance follow this tutorial

To setup delivery by travel time follow this tutorial.

For shipping we have integration we all the big names: DHL, UPS, USPS, ShipStation and also by country.

Follow the steps below to set up shipping/delivery:

 1. Go to Store

Go to settings > store

2. Choose Shipping Location

From the dropdown. Choose the shipping location option. 

Ship all countries you sell to
Ship to all countries
Deliver to Specific Countries only
Disable Shipping and Shipping Calculation

3. Save

Click ‘Save Changes‘ at the bottom to save settings. 

4. Go to Shipping Zone

Scroll down to the top and click on the shipping tab and then the shipping zone. Here you can add a new shipping zone by clicking the “Add Shipping Zone” button if you sell to different countries states, or cities. 

5. Edit Shipping Zone

In the first row, you will see the default country you sell. To edit, place your cursor over it. And then click on edit. In this zone, you can add shipping methods for the places you ship items.

Just below the first shipping zone is a Location not covered by your other zones. You can by default leave it blank to not allow customers from other locations other than your selling location to book items. or You can add chargeable shipping for people from other location-based on mileage or fixed price.

Note: The top shipping zone is the default listed shipping method for the customer in the zone they match. To reorder shipping zones, just drag and drop to switch order. 

6. Add Zone Details

We Edit the first zone United States to add new shipping methods. Then in Zone regions, select the states you ship from Select regions within this zone (you can add more than one state), or if ship locally to specific areas you can add zip codes (one in 1 line)

7. Add Zone Shipping Method

Choose from available shipping methods. Choose one required for this location. First click on ‘Add Shipping Method‘ and then from the pop-up choose one of these methods from the drop-down and again click the ‘Add Shipping Method’ button

Free Shipping
Flat Rate
Local Pickup

8. Edit Shipping Method

Once you have enabled desired shipping methods. They will appear in shipping methods. To edit a shipping method, click on edit by placing your cursor.

9. Add Shipping Method Details

Add the cost for shipping (if choosing a Flat rate). Choose whether shipping is taxable or not.  Leave all other fields as it is. Finally, click save changes button.

10. Go to Shipping Options

Scroll down to the top and now click the shipping options

Check the box ‘Enable the shipping calculator on basket page’ – if you want to allow shipping to be shown on the cart page
Check the box ‘Hide shipping cost until an address is entered – if you want to hide the shipping method until an address is entered

Shipping destination: Choose whether you want to ship to the customer billing address, shipping address, or force to ship to the customer billing address.

11. Save

Save the setting by clicking the save changes button at the bottom.