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Set up Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, Google ads

Follow up this simple guide to set up Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, Google ads on your site.

Adding Google Analytics Code

 1. Find Your Tracking Code

To get your Google analytics code. Go to Your property. Select Admin (at the Bottom Left ) > Tracking info > Tracking Code

Setting Up Property. If you have not setup the website before. Click + Property. Then Add details like, Website Name, URL, Time Zone, and Industry. And after saving the property find your tracking code.

 2. Go to Pixel Your Site

The next step would be adding your Google Analytics code. Go to PixelYourSite

 3. Click on Google Analytics

Paste your google analytics code tracking id.

4. Save 

Scroll down at the bottom to click the save setting button and save changes. Wait for data to track and check analytics in 48 hours.

Setting Up Google Ads Code

1. Find Ads Tag

In your Google AdWords account ->

Go to tools > Audience Manager > Audience Sources

2. Copy AW ID

Copy Your Ad Id in format AW-56212563

3. Go to Pixel Your Site

Now in the system go to Pixel Your Site and Click Google Adwords.

4. Paste Code

Paste your code in the format (Aw-xxxxx)

5. Save 

Save changes by clicking the save setting button

Setting Up Facebook Pixel

1. Go to Facebook Business Suite

Login to your facebook business suite

2. Go to Event Manager

Click the hamburger icon and now click the event manager

3. Select or Add Data Source

Now select or add a data source. You can only add one website per account. 

4. Find Pixel Id

Now select your property and click the setting. Copy the pixel id.

5. Add Pixel ID

Now go into the system and paste pixel id in facebook pixel conversion. Click the save setting at the bottom to save.

6. Verifying Domain

In Ads Manager, click on business setings. Now Go to Brand safety > domains > Add Domain.

Enter your domain URL. And click Add. Copy Meta Tag for vertification

7. Paste Verification Tag

Again go to PixelYourSite. Paste the verification tag of your domain and click save setting button at the bottom.