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Free Vs. Professional Emails

While the functionality of both free email and professional emails are the same, there is a striking difference between both of them. Free email providers are good when you want to manage private information or use social accounts, but they are not suitable to provide support to your customers.

Why do you need Professional Emails?

Free emails have limited space that at some point will be used up, and there is no way to increase that storage space. Popular email provider GMail provides 10Gb of data storage.

– Free emails generally have a lot of advertising in place, which is confusing and at the same time annoying when your inbox is bombarded with a lot of emails from the customers and the website notifications.

– Free emails tend to land in spam frequently because many people abuse free emails. Another reason is your store, for example, has an address, and you have an email setup which is a complete mismatch from your store’s online domain name; it causes certain email spam filters to trigger into action. It is why you should employ an email such as, which matches your store’s online address Thus, making your emails more credible and genuine to the mail servers and reaching your customers with excellent deliverability.

– Professional emails are swift, secure, and safe, unlike gmails and other free emails where widespread data breaches are common. I bet you don’t want your important data and customer card details to end up on the dark web.

– With professional emails, you get additional features like task scheduling, email scheduling, calendar, task creators, and several other features not available with free emails.

With all of the critical reasons stated above, setting up a professional email is highly recommended.

How to Setup Professional or Business email address?

You can set up professional emails with Different email providers, some of the Third-party providers are: Godaddy, Gmail, Zoho, and others

You can also set up professional emails with Reservety.

Follow this tutorial to set up your emails.