Reservety Help



Adding First Item In Inventory

As soon as you begin your free trial, you would want to quickly feed your equipment details into the reservety. To add the first item to your inventory.

 1. Go to Items > Click on All Items

 2. Click on “Create Product’ Button or ‘Add New” on Top

 3. Enter “product title’ & ‘product description’

4. Adding Product to a ‘Category’

5. Adding Product “Image’ and “gallery images’

6. Adding Inventory Stocks

7. Adding Pricing and Period

Enter pricing. For example in the screenshot below:

We have entered ‘1h’ in ‘Period’ for 1 hour and 100 in Price for $100.

To understand how to use different values in a period field. See the section below.

Using Periods:

For 1 minute = ‘1m’
For 1 Hour = ‘1h’
For 1 Day = ‘1d’
For 1 Week = ‘1w’
For 1 Month = ‘1M’
For 1 Year= ‘1y’

For Adding additional days:

Set ‘Has Additional’ to ‘Yes’ and add additional day pricing.

Now to enter pricing $100/4hours and additional period $50/hour. We enter the details as below

Period: 4h 
Price: 100
Additional pricing
Period additional: 1h
Pricing: 50

8. Publish or Save Product