Reservety Help



Integration with Google Calendar

Sync your reservations with Google calendar and view across any devices on the go. Follow the tutorial below to set up the google calendar.

 1. Go to Reservations Report

Go to Management > Reservations report

 2. Copy ICS URL

From the ICS URL field in the reservations report copy the URL.

 3. Go to Google Calendar

The next step is to calendar. and click the three line icon on top-left.

4. Create New Calendar

Click the ‘+’ icon in the other calendar section and select ‘create new calendar’

5. Enter Calendar Details

Enter a Name for your calendar and description. Add your time zone. and click ‘create calendar’

6. Wait for order details to sync

Wait for 48 hrs to sync order details to google calendar. Only the future orders will show up on google calendar.

7. Click on Newly Created Google Calendar to See Details

Once the calendar start working, you will be able to view the order details by selecting this calendar in other calendars. To select ‘check the box’ in your newly created calendar and clicking on the highlighted dates on calendar.