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How to Setup Google Login

Setup social login to help customers register or login quickly with their Google account

Registration/Login with Google

 1. Go to Google Cloud Console

 2. Create New Project

Create a new project by clicking the dropdown and ‘new project’ button

 3. Enter Project Details

Enter ‘Project Name“, Select ‘Organization‘ and ‘Location’

 4. ConfigureOAuth consent screen

Click on the OAuth Consent Screen and Choose User type ‘External‘ and finally click ‘Create‘ button

5. Enter App Registration Info

In the next screen enter the App info

6. Create Credentials

Click ‘Create credentials‘ > OAuth Client ID to create app credentials

7. Setup OAuth Client Id

Select Application Type – Web application

Enter URL

Authorized Javascrip origins –

Authorized redirecturl –

8. Copy Credentials

9. Enter Credentials

Enter credentials in website designer > customization > login/register (scroll down to find social login > Google)

10. Save