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How to Setup Facebook Login

Setup social login to help customers register or login quickly with their facebook account

Registration/Login with Facebook

 1. Go to Facebook Developer page

Go to and login with your facebook account.

 2. Create a New App

Click ‘Create App‘ button to start creating an application for facebook login.

 3. Choose App Type

In App type choose “Consumer’

Now click the ‘Next’ button

 4. Enter App Details

Enter App Details:

App Name
Contact Email
Choose a Business Account (Optional Step)

Once all details are added click the ‘Create App’ button at the bottom.

5. Choose Product Type

In Product type choose ‘Facebook Login’ and Click ‘Setup” Button

6. Choose Platform

In Platform choose ‘web’ for website

7. Enter Website URL

8. Add Basic App Details

Now go to settings > Basic

Add details:

Privacy Policy URL
Terms of Services URL
User Data Deletion URL (Instructions how user data is managed and deleted)
App Icon
Contact Email
Category (Choose the most appropriate category based on business type)

9. Request Advanced Access

Go to App Review > Permissions and Features

Click ‘Get advanced access’ button for ‘Public_Profile’ & ‘Email’

Enter facebook password when requested

10. Add Valid OAuth URL

Go to Facebook login > settings

Enter this URL  in Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.

Replace ( with your website

Click ‘Save Changes’ button

11. Copy Credentials

Copy App Id and App Secret from settings > basic

12. Enter App Credentials

13. Put App In Production

To Allow visitors to use the feature. Put the App in production by setting it to live.