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How to Replace Any Text on the Website​

Reservety allows you to replace any text on the website with a different text. There are two ways or features to do that:

1. Replace Text Feature
2. Text Translation

Click on any of the methods to start replacing text.

Replace Text Feature

Example: To change to the text of calendars – Start Date and End Date

1. Go to Settings

Go to Settings > General > Store Related

2. Click on Store Related

Click on Store Related to Reveal the additional settings and scroll down to the end to find the text replacement feature.

3. Add Text to Replace

Click the button Add Row

Now in First Field, Add text to be replaced, and in Second Field Add New Text. For example: 

We change – The start date to Drop Off Date, and End Date to Pick Up Date

For the feature to work, make sure the text is exact and are no spaces before and after the text. For this copy the text from website and paste it in the field

See the example below.

4. Finally Click Update Button

Important Tip: If you don’t see the changes, make sure the text is exact. Click the Refresh website button on your dashboard

Text Translation

This is another feature that lets you change any text on the website. For this feature, you need the “translate site” feature to be active on your site. If you don’t see it, you can request us to enable it on Glip.

Example: To Change the text ‘YOUR ORDER’ on the checkout page

1. Go to Dasboard

Go to your admin dashboard. Click on translate site

2. Navigate to Checkout Page

In the next step, first book any item and then proceed to checkout

3. Click the Text 

Click the text you want to replace. If you don’t see the pencil icon. 

Change your view from logged in to logged out user.

4. Replace Text

Now once again, keep your cursor over the text. And the click the edit icon.

5. Add Your New Text

Now Under the Original text field, add your new text. 

6. Click Save Translation

Finally click the save translation on the top left

Refresh Website to see the changes