Reservety Help



How to Modify Order Status

You can simply modify an existing order status to something that relates with your rental process. Follow this guide below to start modifying your order statuses.

 1. Go to Store

Go to the settings > store

2. Go to Order Statuses

Click on the order status tab

3. Edit Existing Status

To edit an existing status, click the edit button. 

On the edit page, you can change the Status Name. Status Color. Add Icon to the status. And importantly link the next status that follows the current status.  

Check the ‘Include in Reports’ if you want to add this status in order reports. Next, choose the paid status of the order – whether have pending payment or has been paid.

Remember only custom order status can be edited for the ‘Paid’ field.

4. Save

Save changes by clicking the ‘Save Order Status’ button