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How to Generate and Print Barcodes for Items

With Wool label on Reservety, you can generate and print barcodes on demand for your inventory items and place them to later scan at any stage of supply, storage, and delivery. Follow the tutorial below to generate barcodes for your items.

Generate and Print Barcodes

1. Choosing Fields to Print

Go to Woo label> settings. Choose the fields needed with Barcode like title, price, SKU, all the custom fields on Reservety manual order can be added to the barcode labels.

2. Adjust Number of Barcode Printed Per Row

Enter the title of the size chart, give it the same name as your product or item to be easily identifiable. And enter a description for your size chart

3. Adjust Paper Width and Height

From Label width and height. Enter paper width and height in millimeters. So labels can be correctly printed on paper effectively.

4. Choose Barcode Type

From the fields below, choose the available barcode type. Default is Code 128.

5. Adjust Other Settings

In this step, you should adjust font size for title, price, and other labels. Barcode width and height in pixels. Price sign and its position, and barcode offset. 

6. Save Settings

Finally click the save button at the bottom to save settings.

7. Generating Barcodes

Now to Got Woo Label > Woo Label. Select the product by searching or entering the creation date. Check all the items for which barcodes are needed. In quantity selected, enter a quantity. Like if you have 20 chairs and you want 20 labels. Enter quantity 20. Finally, click the generate selected button

8. Print Barcode

Now the barcodes are generated, click the Print Barcodes button to start printing. From the red button on the side, you can reset and start printing barcodes from scratch.