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How to Enable Maintenance Mode

Reservety allows you to enable maintenance mode in store to not receive any orders during the design and setup process. To Setup maintenance mode, there are 2 ways:

Enable Maintenance with Theme Setting
Enable Maintenance with Elementor

Enable Maintenance Mode with Theme Settings

1. Create Maintenance Page

Go to website designer > website pages > add new. 

2. Name your Maintenance page

In Title, enter name Maintenance page and now in page template > choose Maintenance

3. Publish Page

Hit the publish button on the top right.

4. Create a Design for Maintenance Page

Now click on ‘Edit with Elementor’ to start designing maintenance page

5. Choose Pre-built Design

Choose the prebuilt maintenance page to speed up design. Click the icon shown in the screenshot and then search and insert the pre-built maintenance page.

6. Personalize Design

Personalize the page design by clicking the elements and then editing on the left panel. Some elements are placed in the section(Like the image of girl)

You can adjust the section by right-clicking the on the top center, then changing the image in the style tab.

7. Save Design

Click the big green ‘update button’ on the bottom left corner to save the design.

8. Enable Maintenance Mode

Go to website designer > customizer > Maintenance > Enable maintenance mode. Finally click the save button at the bottom.

9. Save Setting

Click the ‘Save Options’ button to save setting (IMPORTANT)