Reservety Help



How to Enable and Manage Product Reviews

With product reviews, you can enable customer feedback with a star rating. Follow the tutorial below to set reviews up.

1. Go to Review Setting

To enable product reviews go to settings > store > products

2. Enable Review

Check the enable product reviews box and then click the save changes button.

3. Choose Who Can Leave Review

Choose who can leave a review on items. If you check ‘Reviews can be left by verified owner’ only verified purchases will able to leave review

4. Product Rating

Check the product rating check box, if you want to show a star rating. Next, choose if it is required to choose start rating or not. Finally, click the Save Changes button.

5. Manage Review

To Manage review go to the item which has a review in items > all items > choose item > click edit

6. Edit or UnApprove Review

By default, reviews are auto-approved but you can unapproved or edit them on the product edit page.

7. Update

After updating the review don’t forget to save changes by clicking the ‘Update’ button on the top right.