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How to Create Emails for Custom Order Status

Learn how to create or setup emails for custom order status. A custom email can be sent to customers when the order status is changed.

 1. Setup New Email

Go to Emails > Order Status Emails

 2. Add Order Status Email

Click ‘Add Order Status Email’ button.

Name: Enter a Name for This Email
Type: Customer or Admin
Condition: Add a condition such as when order status is changed from ‘Sent‘ to ‘Completed’

3. Save Email

Save changes by clicking ‘Save Email’ button

4. Create Template for New Email

To setup a new template for this email, go to emails > email templates

Duplicate the Default Template

5. Edit the Duplicate Template

Once the template is duplicated. Edit the email content.

Now in Email Type: Select the New ‘Order Status Email’ Created. This is to ensure that email is sent only on the condition we setup

6. Publish Email Template

Once you have edited the content of the email template. Click the ‘Publish’ button on the bottom left to save changes.

7. Enable Email Notification

Now to enable the newly setup email. Go to settings > store > email

8. Locate the New Email Template

In the email section locate the email you created and click the Manage button

9. Turn on Email Notification

Check the ‘Enable this Email Notification’ box and click the save changes button at the bottom