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How to Connect Your Domain

You can connect your existing domain by adding 2 A records to our servers addresses and in your domain name settings and then entering the domain name in the Reservety my account > domain section. Follow the steps below to connect your domain.

 1. Go to Domain Setting

Follow the tutorial of your domain name provider to change the records below. 

– Godaddy:
– Namecheap:
– Wix –
– WordPress –
– Hostgator –
– Network Solution –
– Bluehost –

If your provider is not listed, search on Google, how to change A record for (provider name) .

2. Add New Record

Add these records in your domain setting. just like given in the table below. Replace with your domain
TypeHost NameValue

3. Go to My Account 

Go to and log in with your details.

4. Go to Domain Settings

In your my account area, click on the domain settings section 

5. Enter your Domain Name

Now enter your domain name with www. for example, here we entered the domain name: 

Finally, click the Change button

6. Wait for Connection to Take Place

Now when you have entered the details, wait for the propagation to take place, it may take up to 48 hours to fully connect the domain to your website. In this period, you might not able to log in to the system.

Note: Both www. and non www version redirects to same URL, so you don’t have to worry about different URLs