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How to Connect Your Domain

You can connect your existing domain by adding two A records each to our servers addresses and in your domain name settings. 

Go to Domain Setting

  1. Login to you domain name provider dashboard and find DNS setting. To find the DNS setting – click the link for your domain name provider below

    – Godaddy: https://bit.ly/3IiYLpB
    – Namecheap: https://bit.ly/3BKIDuo
    – Wix – https://bit.ly/3h9rsJI
    – WordPress – https://bit.ly/3LXxI5E
    – Hostgator –https://bit.ly/3vic9GG
    – Network Solution – https://bit.ly/3BGsRRz
    – Bluehost – https://bit.ly/35lXPC7

    If your provider is not listed, search on Google, how to change A record for (provider name) .

2. Add the 2 A records for each server in your domain setting.

Enter details like given in the table. 

TypeHost NameValue

3. Finally, enter your domain with www in reservety dashboard

4. Go to my account domain setting and enter your domain and click “connect domain”

5. Wait for connection to propagate. It takes up to 24 hours to fully connect. You may not be able to login during this time.

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