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How to Bulk Edit Inventory

If you have hundreds of Products in Inventory and you want to edit them quickly. Use the bulk edit inventory feature to save time. Follow the tutorial below.

1. Go to Woocommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

Go to items > woocommerce advanced bulk edit (if you don’t see this contact us to get it enabled)

2. Load Items

To load items, click on the get products button.

3. Adjust Columns

On bulk edit view, adjust the columns to see only the details that you want to edit by clicking the ‘Column’ button and then check to mark the required columns in the bulk edit view.

4. Add New Products in Bulk

To add new products in bulk, click the +Add button and then choose the number of products to add then hit Add button

5. Change Value in Bulk

Suppose you want to change the inventory stock of all items to 1 at once. Then checkmark the bulk editing mode box. And then select all the products that you want to change the value for entering the value 1 for any item in-stock quantity. Finally, click the Save changes button to change

6. Filtering Products

Use the filter feature to make changes to products of a similar value like name, text, category, or some similar attribute. Click on expand the filter, then search by size, color, category, a text in the title or price. Then click “Get Products