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How to Add Stripe Payment Gateway

Follow the tutorial below to set up stripe as a payment gateway. Once your stripe payment module is activated you can start accepting credit card payments.

 1. Go to Payments

Go to settings > store > payments

 2. Enable Stripe

Click the switch to enable stripe

3. Setup Stripe

Click on manage stripe and then click on connect an account, or

Click ‘Enter account keys (advanced)’

4. Test Mode

To activate test mode, click on enter account keys. And then click on Test tab. 

Enter test publisher key
Enter test secret key
Enter webhook secret (optional)

Copy and paste details from your stripe account. Go to Developers section > Api keys. Copy Test publisher and secret key. 

5. Activating Account (Optional)

To get your live account details, you need to activate your account by provide your business details, if you have already activated account (skip this step)

Provide all the required information shown in the screenshot below!

6. Live Mode

To go live with accepting payments, turn on live mode and copy live details. 

Now go in to the system. Settings > Store > Payments > Stripe> edit account keys.

Click on Live tab and paste publisher and secret key.

7. Important Setting

To make sure, stripe works correctly, make sure to disable express checkout and uncheck the box ‘Issue an authorization on checkout, and capture later‘ in transaction preferences.

8. Save Changes

Finally click ‘Save changes’ button to save setting