Reservety Help



How to Add Order Manager

Add an order manager role for your staff to take care of order management and processing. Follow the steps below.

 1. Go to Menu Editor

Navigate to Modules > Menu Editor > Roles

 2. Add Role

Click on the ‘Add Role’ button. Add

Role Name: Order Manager
Role Name(Id) (Leave as it is):
Copy Capabilities from: Administrator

3. Disable Capabilties

Uncheck the boxes to disable all the admin capabilities. Make sure to uncheck other capabilities that you don’t want to enable for this particular role.


Admin Capabilities

4. Click the Save Changes Button

Save changes the button by clicking the button on top right

5. Go to Admin Menu Tab

Now go to ‘Admin Menu’ tab from the top and select the new role to setup menu items according to this role.

6. Adjust the menu for the New Role

Hide/Unhide the menus that you don’t want to be visible to this role. You can also permanently block access to a  particular feature.

There are two options. Either hide cosmetically, or disable the menu.

Uncheck the blue boxes. Use the (eye Icon) shown below the screenshot to permanently disable menu, or use (dashed square icon) to cosmetically hide the menu.

7. Finally Save Changes by Clicking ‘Save Changes’ Button on Right

8. Create a Test User

Finally create a test user with the new role in customers menu. 
Go to Customers > Add New.

Add Details – Email, username and select the new role from dropdown.

9. Switch to The New User

Switch to the new user created with the order manager role to see how the system looks for the new role. To switch to the new user again go to the customers > the new user (click switch to this user)

10. Review The Navigation

Review the menu items for the roles. Make sure the all the menus that are not required are hidden for this role.

11. Switch back to Admin Role From Top-Right

Once you have reviewed everything. And everything looks perfect you can switch back to your admin role from top-right.