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How to Add Inventory Item to Maintenance

When you add inventory to maintenance, they are removed from available reservation pool. It makes inventory unavailable to customers for the period the items goes for repair/maintenance. And when they are back, you can mark them ‘Back from maintenance” and customers can book them again.

Add Item to Maintenance

  1. Go to Items > All items > select item > edit

2. Scroll down to the end to find maintenance section

3. Enter quantity that is in maintenance, date, price for maintenance and maintenance notes.

4. When you have entered serial numbers for quantity of each item. You can specifically add item with a particular serial number to maintenance.

5. Finally click the maintenance button.

Removing Item From Maintenance

  1. Again go to maintenance section

2. Enter quantity or select serial, select date on which item will be out of maintenance, add maintenance notes.

3. Click “out of maintenance’ button

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