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How to Add Filters to Shop Page

On the shop page, you can enable filters by attributes like sizes, colors, and dimensions. You can also add price filters and others. Follow the tutorial below to enable filters.

1. Go to Filters

Go to theme settings > product archives > Shop Filters

2. Enable Filters

Turn on the shop filters.

Choose whether filters are always opened or not. Then choose filter content widget or HTML bloc.

3. Save

Click the Save Options button to save the setting.

4. Place Filter

After you enable filters, price and sorting filters are automatically added to the Shop page. To place additional filters in this section, go to website designer > widgets. Add filters or attribute widget in shop filters section.

5. Add Filters in a Sidebar

To add filters in the sidebar. We need to enable the sidebar first from Theme settings > Shop Archives > sidebar.

Enable left or right sidebar.

Click save options button to save

6. Go to Widgets

Now go to website designer > widgets

7. Find Shop WIdget Area

Scroll down to find the ‘shop page widget area’. Now search

8. Find and Place filters

Now click the + icon and search for the legacy widget. From the legacy widget, you can choose different sorting, pricing, navigation, and attribute filters. For example, to place a filter by brand, color, or size. Search for attribute widget and then choose the attribute of your choice

9. Update

Finally, click the Update button to save settings on the top right.

10. Don't See the Changes?

Refresh the website, by click refresh website on profile settings.