Reservety Help



Fixed Period Rentals

Allow customers to book only for a fixed hour rental. Create fixed hour periods and apply in your rental store to start taking bookings by offering booking period choices. There are 2 ways to take fixed period rentals –

1. Apply globally to the whole store
2. Apply only to a specific product

Applying Fixed Period (Globally) to All Products

 1. Go to Store

Go to Settings > General

 2. Go to Fixed Period

Scroll down to Fixed Period and click on it to reveal settings

 3. Allow Multiple Day Selection

Turn on the switch if you want customers to choose multiple days

4. Choose Design

Choose how you want the fixed period to appear as a dropdown or radio button

5. Fixed Period

Enter Fixed period. For example to enter the fixed period of 4 hours and 8 hours.

Label: 4 hours   Period: 4h
Label: 8 hours    Period: 8h

Using Period:

For hours, use ‘h’
For minutes, use ‘m’
For days, use ‘d’
For weeks, use ‘w’
For months, use ‘M’
For years, use ‘y’

Don’t leave any field empty because the system will not work.

6. Save

Click the ‘Update’ button to save settings.

Applying Fixed Period to a Specific Product

1. Go to Item

Go to item > All Items

2. Edit Item

Select Item for which you want to create fixed period > click edit

3. Go to Turnover padding Min and Max

Scroll down to turnover padding min and max and click on it

4. Find Default Fixed Periods

Scroll down to find fixed period length and turn off the switch to No

5. Add Fixed Period

Click on ‘Add Row’ and enter periods. For example: To add 4 hours and 8 Hours Fixed period.

Label: 4 Hours    Period: 4h
Label: 8 Hours    Period: 8h

6. Save

Finally to save changes click on the update button.