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Equipment Check Process / Digital Agreement Waiver(e-Signature alt)

The equipment check-in process is essential to inform customers about the terms of waivers and get them to accept the conditions required to use the equipment. 

The process refers to the way your customers agree to the equipment state at the time of booking or during arrival at the location. 

There are 2 ways to do it:

Using a hand like e-signature. This method has no legal value if the e-signature is done on a device other than the device of the customer receiving the equipment. This requires that the customer receiving the equipment has an internet connection(the person will be identified by IP address). Some software companies market the e-signature as a feature, but do not let you know about the legal implications of it. Signing on the phone/tablet of the rental business owner beside the fact it has no legal value can be a risk for the customer too, depending on the way the software stores and encrypts the data.

Using a terms and condition/waiver agreement checkbox


Because the legal value of an e-Signature is tied to your customers having an internet connection, a terms and conditions agreement checkbox has the same legal value. It is widely used by any e-commerce store in the world.

Follow the below process for equipment check and agreement between you and the customer.

 1. Customer Creates Order

The customer creates the order on the website or arrives at the location to rent the boat.

 2. Customer Receives the Order Confirmation Email

When customers rent the boat, they receive the order confirmation email. This email contains a QR code or barcode along with other details.

3. Operator Scans the Code

Customers on arrival open the email and the operator scans the code using any barcode scanning device or, using a scanning keyboard app like Ucom free barcode scanner.

4. Performing Equipment Check

Admin or operator scans the QR code or barcode with the scanning device. On Scanning the code, the order will be opened by admin that can now change the status of the order to ‘Equipment Check’. This action will send a confirmation email to the customer.

5. Confirmation Email

The customer receives the email along with the link. On clicking the link the customer reach the order detail page 

6. Accepting Terms

The customer read the terms of usage and agrees to the terms by clicking the check box. On this page, in-text area customers can enter custom requests or messages.

7. Reviewing Acceptance

Once the customer accepts the terms, the admin can view the acceptance of terms by refreshing the page and reviewing the custom fields.

8. Approving Order

On reviewing the acceptance of the terms, the admin can change the status from equipment check to sent state to approve the booking. The details cannot be changed by the customer and all the data is recorded.